The Shade Report: So You Think You Can Drag

Fusion’s docuseries Shade: Queens of NYC came back with a vengeance this week! The main storyline focused on the much anticipated first night of Paige Turner‘s So You Think You Can Drag All Stars final season! Aside from the prep for the big day, we also got a little taste of Brita Filter and Jasmine Rice LaBeija‘s inspiring health journey.

I couldn’t have asked for a better episode intro than Holly Box Springs and Tina Burner living it up in a hardware store. Holly was getting some parts for the final touch for her So You Think You Can Drag number. Not just any old part. The number would feature a door, and I’m not talking about the drag queen (I’ll see myself out for that joke. No need to leave hate comments. I know, I’m awful). Tina explains to an employee of the store that the door is for her coming out party. I love the banter between these two. Holly stresses how she can’t afford to lose out on this competition since it’s a huge financial risk. We were all already rooting for her, but seeing how much hard work she put in made me cheer even harder for her. Also, quick question. Was I the only one amused by the employee leading them to the doorknobs? Probably. Let’s move on.

The episode cut to a short break from the So You Think You Can Drag prep at the hardware store to a cute moment at Hardware Bar between best friends Brita and Jasmine. The pair were addressing Brita’s health and weight loss journey together after a gig. Brita had already lost fifteen pounds and was working towards losing more to live the healthiest and best life possible. Jasmine chimes in that she too would like to join Brita for some fitness classes (while eating a Snickers I must add). They decided to go to Marti Gould Cummings‘ gym for a spin class. This was not just any spin class. Marti was the host in FULL DRAG. It was INCREDIBLE. Who else was ready to sign up for a drag queen spin class after watching this week’s episode? I know I was. It was so awesome seeing Brita absolutely kill the workout. We got a super cute spin class lipsynch number out of it too!

Back to the So You Think You Can Drag prep! Paige went to pick up a new wig made by none other than Bobbi Pinz! Bobbi makes some of your favorite queen’s wigs and did not disappoint with Paige’s new hair hat. It was absolutely stunning. It was totally giving me (as well as Paige and Bobbi) old Hollywood glamour. Marti saw a news reporter from Iowa making dinner for her husband. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Also, how great was that lipsynch number? Hey there fellow employee Strawberry Fields!

L to R: Juicy Liu, Strawberry Fields, Drew Bloom, Paige Turner, Zach Williams Casey G. Bagnall , Gloria Swansong

Finally, the big day was here! Night one of the new season of So You Think You Can Drag! The theme? “We hate the 90’s“, explained by Paige “because we love the 90’s!” Leading up to the show, Holly and Tina pushed the door on wheels to the club. Quote of the episode? Easy. “How did Holly and Tina die? Pushing a door down 9th Avenue!” Tina had her own show that night, but she supported Holly leading up to the gig. Their friendship is adorable. Coach Tina then tags in our girl Chelsea Piers as Holly’s right hand when she had to head to her own gig.

The show kicks off with an intro from Paige, who looked stunning as always. Marti was there to judge, as well as guest judge Diana DeGarmo! We got a quick montage of other queens performances, but the star of the show was Holly. Her reveal dress was INCREDIBLE! Look after look after look! The crowd loved it, the judges loved it! Marti even yelled from the judge’s table “I see you! I hear you!” After her performance, Holly went backstage to a very supportive Chelsea telling her how the performance almost made her cry. Ugh, this episode was too cute.

It was time for elimination. The judging process for So You Think You Can Drag combines 50% from fan vote and 50% from the judges. Holly was nervous that she would be eliminated, but she ended up placing second! She’s moving on to the next round. Maybe I’m a bit biased, but I think Holly will win the whole competition. Who do you guys think will win So You Think You Can Drag All Stars? Leave a comment down below!

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