The Versace Verdict: Death or Disgrace?

Hello everyone! Welcome to yet another edition of The Versace Verdict. Yes, this week I was a little late. What are you going to do it about it, hmm? I have a roll of duct tape in my pocket and I am not afraid to do it. This week’s episode was really intense to watch. Let’s not waste any time and get straight to it!

The Fabulous

I don’t know about you, but I am 200% sure that Judith Light was coming me for me, my friends, and my family in this little episode of television. Seriously though, Judith’s acting as Marilyn Miglin was next level. She had me hooked on every single word she delivered. This episode focused on the tragic true story of Lee and Marilyn Miglin. The death of Lee Miglin was one of Andrew Cunanan’s first kills in his string of murder’s before his assassination of Gianni Versace. This episode is best described as bone chilling because together, the actors deliver a bone chilling performance that keep you on the edge of your seat… even though many of us know what is likely going to happen. When I watched this episode, of course I wondered how historically accurate this could have been. So with that I did a little research and to my surprise… the events portrayed in this episode seemed shockingly true. Please, check out this article I read from 1997 detailing the murder scene before this attack was even attached to Cunanan.

The Tragic

The only thing tragic about this episode, was the lack of Donatella Versace. That’s all.

In Summation

Well, if Judith Light wanted an Emmy so bad… all she had to do was ask! I can’t tell if that is Judith Light or Kristen Wiig playing “Aunt Linda” on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. If I found out my husband left out that carton of ice cream, I would be pretty mad too. After this episode, I call upon congress to pass an act to hereby ban duct tape from all homes. The only thing about this episode I don’t understand is Marilyn’s ability to keep her composure when she is left at the airport. I don’t  know about you, but I am getting a headache from all of that perfume.

Well then, that episode was a ton of fun. Like I kind of said, I apologize for being late. I was a little tied up with my own stalker. Don’t worry, I’ll be back and on time next week with another edition of The Versace Verdict. Check out next week’s preview below. See you then!

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