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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Well it is that time of the week again where I make a bunch of sad jokes to make you feel better about this episode of The Walking Dead. Lets get into it…

So this episode was focused around our group looking for Carol. Carol is out stopping groups of people and killing everyone. Daryl, Michonne, and Rosita are just walking around the forest… ugh what am I doing? Daryl got shot everyone. I know… I know… take a seat…


The Fabulous


Seeing Carol was a good and bad thing for me. No, Carol should not be running away. That is way too much anxiety for me. She ran into this group of dudes who were ready to kill her. Fortunately, the Carolnator is a beast and kills basically all of them with a hidden gun like Assassins Creed. These are the things that keep nerds like me going strong.

The Tragic


Daryl being shot is not what I need in my life right now. I think you all would agree with me when I say that if Daryl dies, it’s going to be a hard time getting anything done until October. I hereby suggest a trade… Judith’s life for Daryl and Carol. Everybody wins!

Episode MVP


This week there is no MVP of the week… Want to know why? No one made good decisions. Carol ran away, Daryl got shot, and Rick didn’t punch Morgan in the face. Come on people, lets get it together.


Next week is the season finale, so get your boxes of tissues…. someone is going to die… including me.

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