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The Week In Drag with Emily Meow


This week in the world of drag, our darling mother Ru had a birthday, Alaska released a Christmas music video, the 17th annual Glam Awards took place, The Haus of Edwards opened the show for Miley Cyrus and Billy Porter did his last “Kinky Boots” show on Broadway. 

This week started off with one of my favourite humans, Alaska Thunderfuck dropping the video to her song off of the Producer Entertainment album “Christmas Queens”, titled “Everyday is Christmas”. The video gives me polished Stepford wife vibes, as Thunderfuck looks like upper class, fabulous.. well MILF. Surrounded by two adorable sons and a buff husband, the music videos tells a story of a family Christmas, alongside scenes themed like Halloween, New Years Eve and Thanksgiving (Alaska dressed as an Amish lady is gold). All in all, Thunderfuck has pulled out another stunning video. Christmas lights never looked so good. Watch the “Everyday is Christmas” video here, and buy “Christmas Queens” on iTunes.


This week also marked the annual Glam Awards at Stage 48 in Manhattan and was hosted by Drag Race and NYC icon Bianca Del Rio. For the 17th year running, the Glam Awards recognized the best in NYC nightlife, highlighted by performances from Tina Burner, Brenda Dharling, Brita Filter, Terra Grenade (Check out Brita and Terra’s amazing number here!) and many more. Bob the Drag Queen took home the prestigious Entertainer of the Year award. Our wonderful creator Chiffon Dior was there too! Check out our gorgeous photos of the fabulous night courtesy of Jenn Witek Photography here!


 Since stealing the show at the MTV VMA’s earlier this year, the Haus of Edwards are taking over the pop world, and they’re now the opening act for the one and only Miley Cyrus. The trio consisting of Alyssa Edwards, Laganja Estranga and Shangela, accompanied by #TeamTooMuch pal Gia Gunn will be twerking all over America with Miley on her current tour, otherwise known as #milkymilkymilk. Edwards described this experience as having “NO WORDS, just love”. Have fun, girls!



This week also marked the final curtain for Tony Award winning performer Billy Porter for his role as Lola in “Kinky Boots” on Broadway. Porter portrayed Lola in more than a staggering 800 performances, and received a Tony Award in 2013 for the role he originated. At his last performance, Porter was joined on stage by Wayne Brady, who he’s passing the torch to, or in this case red thigh highs, for future shows. Get tickets and information here!



Last but NEVER least, happy birthday Mamma Ru! November 17th marked the Grand High Queen herself, RuPaul’s **th birthday. Social media was flooded with birthday wishes for her, and I hope she had a wonderful day! If you want to give Ru a belated birthday present, you can buy her shiny new Christmas album “Slay Belles”. Buy it on Amazon now!



See you all next week for another all new edition of “The Week in Drag”! If you think we missed a story or if you have suggestion for next week, tweet us at @WERRRKdotcom and let us know!

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