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It’s been a hectic week in the realm of drag, online and for yours truly. This week I’ll be covering Ru Girls conquering new countries, possibly the most hilarious “Paint Me Bitch” of all time, new Christmas videos, Bianca’s Roladex of Hate and the upcoming end of year WERRRK awards!

Seemingly the busiest gal on the internet, Willam Belli dropped the first episode of his second season of “Paint Me Bitch”, only a week after releasing the new “Beatdown“. “PMB” is pretty much what it says on the tin, it’s Willam’s online series in which popular and talented makeup artists and queens paint his face. Last season featured talent from Raja, Billy B and Mathu Anderson, and this season kicked off with both Gage Munster and Bianca Del Rio. The pair turned Willam into ET. Literally that little alien from your childhood, and it’s just as hilarious as it sounds. I’m sure we can also all agree we all have a new found love for Bianca’s laugh. Check the video out here!

As for what I’ve been up to this week, I’ve travelled the UK to two new locations I’ve never been to before, to visit my old pal Alaska Thunderfuck at the two new Holy Trannity nights. For those not familiar, Holy Trannity is a host for drag nights all over the UK, including Manchester, Scotland and London. For the launch of two new venues in Croydon and Cardiff, Alaska put on two free shows and absolutely killed it! The first night was in Croydon, just outside London in a club called “Reflex“, which had a intimate feel to it with the stage being low, and an incredible DJ who literally played High School Musical and everyone lost their shit. Alaska blew everyone away with her general amazing-ness and even jumped down into the crowd to sing the last song with everyone. Then onto Wales, where Alaska is the first Drag Race girl to ever perform in that country. The venue “Mary’s” is gorgeous and luxury, with a wonderful stage and drinks served in the cutest little glass tumblers. The show was again amazing, and the Welsh crowd were so bubbly. Special thanks to Holy Trannity for hosting these shows, and of course the darling Alaska, for everything. Head over to Holy Trannity’s Facebook page for information about new shows, including Adore Delano very soon!CVbLnfoWEAEU1VN

In more internet news, Bianca Del Rio has taken another amazing step in her career with her stand up comedy show now being available to rent on Vimeo! Del Rio’s “Rolodex of Hate” has toured the world, and it has been named as one of the top ten comedies shows to watch! So for those who haven’t been lucky enough to have seen the show, from where Bianca has been named “the Joan Rivers” of drag by the New York Times, you can now head over to Vimeo here and check it out.


We’ve also been blessed with two new videos from the “Christmas Queens” album. The first with vibes of Black Friday madness, high fashion Westwood and old British punk was the one and only Sharon Needles, with her “Jingle Bells” video. It’s one of my personal favourites from the album, and the video didn’t disappoint. With severe haircuts, mismatched eye shadow colours and leather jackets, it’s all you’ll ever need if your yearning for that Christmas feeling, but with a bit of an edge. The second was pretty much it’s polar (no pun intended) opposite. With white fluffy coats, luxury gifts and stunning gold accessories, Manila Luzon released her video for “Slay Bells”. The song is sickly sweet and like Luzon in the video, it’s the perfect song to wind down and wrap presents to. Check out both videos below!

And finally, “‘s second annual Year End Awards, recognizing the best in drag, entertainment, fashion and pop culture are starting this week! And the best part is you the readers get to decide the winners! Last year Bianca Del Rio took home the coveted Drag Queen of the Year Award. Who will it be this year? Stay tuned to to find out!


See you all next week for another all new edition of “The Week in Drag”! If you think we missed a story or if you have suggestion for next week, tweet us at @WERRRKdotcom and let us know!

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