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It’s been a busy week in the realm of drag, so there was no better time to kick start this weekly drag column! I aim to recap the Top 5 stories in drag every Friday from all corners of the globe. This week I’ll be covering the release of the “Christmas Queens” album, DragCon tickets going on sale, DXP15, Katya and Trixie touring Oz, and of course the launch of our shiny new website #WERRRK.


As a proud Halloweener (I had six costumes this year. SIX!), I personally don’t always find it easy to let go of October and throw myself into the festive season, but with the launch of “Christmas Queens” from Producer Entertainment, that was easily resolved. The album came out today, including tracks from.. well everyone, and it’s everything you never knew you needed around this time of year. From the incredibly catchy “Everyday is Christmas” from Alaska (EVERYDAY, EVERYDAY IS CHRISTMAS.), to an incredible rendition of “Jingle Bells” by Sharon Needles featuring an incredible British accent that makes me feel right home, to “12 Day’s of Christmas” from Katya with is equally incredible and disturbing, the album has you covered this Christmas.




This week also marked the release of the RuPaul’s DragCon 2016 tickets! With the tickets to meet the head honcho herself Ru selling out on the mailing list ticket release, and the VIP package tickets selling out in less than 5 minutes on the general release, the whole drag sphere is buzzing with anticipation for next years convention. With appearances from Ru Girls, internet sensations and key figures in the LGBTQA+ community, you won’t want to miss the drag event of the year. It also happens to fall on Mother’s Day weekend, so you can either bring you mom’s along to see what all this “men in wigs” stuff is about, or shout “MOM, MOM YOU GIVE ME LIFE” to every queen in sight. Get your tickets here!




Over in my neck of the woods, on Sunday the 8th of November, queens from all over the UK and America joined forces in Holy Trannity’s #DXP15, standing for Drag Explosion! The event started off with Willam Belli and Miss Fame pairing up to do a live Paint Me Bitch, which I have to admit was probably one of the most interesting things I’ve ever witnessed in the drag scene. We were shown how to cut a crease, contour, blend and draw your eyeliner wings so sharp you could kill a man with them. Combine a super interesting makeup tutorial with the sharp wit of Willam and lots of questions and answers, it was an incredible warm up to the show. I even got involved by helping with wigs and GoPro holding (I’m essentially Willam’s unofficial stage bitch). Then on went the show with hosts king of Cabaret, Joe Black and queen of the Manchester scene Divina DeCampo, welcoming a variety of UK talent such as Charlie Hides, Kitty Tray, The Muntorage, The Shady Bunch, La Voix, Holy Trannity and The Vivienne. Then came the Haus Of Edwards, Bendela Creme, Miss Fame and of course Willam, who in my opinion stole the show with literally hundreds of Magnum ice creams, a killer set and a live tucking demonstration. Bring on #DXP16!




Katya and Trixie are currently working on world domination and are taking Australia by storm. When their first attempts at entering Oz were dashed with struggles at customs, it only made the fans 10x more bat shit crazy to see them this time round. With Trixie dubbing this tour their “Australian Honeymoon”, and evidence of ribbon dancing, hula-hooping and choreographed dancing to Abba medleys, this tour is shaping up to be legendary, if a little insane. In the best way.




Last but not least, who could forget the launch of the all new After the success of the Miss NotSafe4Werk pageant 2015, (congratulations, Boxxa!), our CEO, queen of the internet Chiffon Dior thought there was no better time to launch the rebirth of her hit entertainment website. With an fancy new look, new contributors, and yours truly being promoted to a featured writer, promises to  be your daily stop for the best in drag, nightlife, entertainment, and pop culture.


See you a;; next week for another all new edition of “The Week in Drag”! If you think we missed a story or if you have suggestion for next week, tweet us at @WERRRKdotcom and let us know!


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