So You Think You Can Drag Finalist: Holly Box-Springs


Question: Condragulations Holly on making the top five of So You Think You Can Drag! Have you had a moment to reflect on what you have accomplished already yet?

Holly Box-Springs: Thank you so much Chiffon!!! I have actually, while I’ve been swimming in tulle and sequins, my first live performance in drag was the very first night of So You Think You Can Drag and looking back on the photos and videos I’m proud of my work and excited to see where is goes from here!


Question: What do you think was your highlight and lowlight of the season so far?

HBS: Hmm honestly the highlight is being able to be on the stage with some very established queens and getting to share the stage with them and the audience that comes and supports every week. Lowlight would definitely be when one of my reveals fell before it was suppose to, but I still absolutely love the number itself!


Question: How would you describe your experience on SYTYCD? What was it like to work with Paige, Chelsea and all other guests that have come through?

HBS: My experience in SYTYCD would probably be best described as a roller coaster, from when the very first night started and I was just preparing myself for people to boo and telling myself just to smile if no one liked it and then coming in third place my very first performance! Working with Paige and Chelsea has been absolutely amazing, I’ve looked up to both of them before Holly was a twinkle in my eye. Also working next to people like Sutton Lee Seymour and Nomi Sass has been incredible, it’s hard not to fan girl out sometimes!

Question: So without spoiling anything, what can we expect from you in the finale?

HBS: Vulnerability, I’ve tried to find who Holly really is during this competition live in front of everyone and I want to show that there is a heart as big as her hair!


Question: Best of luck on the 13th Holly! Any you want to plug before we wrap up?

HBS: Thank you!!! Yes one of the other finalists and I Maci Sumcox are working together again on a CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA on Sunday December 14th at the beautiful Room 53 with some special guests TBA!! Mark your calendars y’all!!!

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