So You Think You Can Drag Finalist: Vicky Boofont


Question: Hi Vicky Boofont! Condragulations on making the top four of So You Think You Can Drag! Especially with the level of talent this season, its quite an achievement. Have you had a moment to reflect back on what you have already accomplished yet?

Thank you! Not really, I’ve been too busy sewing and learning all my lip sync numbers! No time to reflect on anything except for when I was a size 14.


Question: What do you think was your personal highlight and lowlight of the season so far?

My personal highlight was 80’s week when I did a double Divine look and mashup.  It wasn’t just a highlight because I won that week, but because my two backup dancers lifted me and carried me to the stage. I was laughing so hard in rehearsals because they couldn’t lift me – I’m a big gurl!  But they lifted my fat ass the day of the show and it was EVERYTHING!!!   A lowlight would have to be Vegas week when I tried to do a Cher costume change and missed my entrance! I left my dancing boys hanging on stage but they were pro’s and kept going. I just felt bad that they didn’t have time to grab their confetti cannons.  It’s the little things! But seriously there hasn’t been a lowlight at all through out this whole competition.  Everyone has been beyond nice and so helpful!  And the other finalists truly are my sisters. We have shared a very special season and we really do support and love each other.  

Vicky Boofont and Nomi Sass
Vicky Boofont and Nomi Sass

Question: How would you describe your experience on SYTYCD? What was it like to work with Paige Turner and all other amazing guest judges that have come through?

My experience has been way beyond anything I could have ever dreamed! I was so happy to be chosen to compete. I just moved here from Los Angeles and I had retired from drag, so to be accepted into the NYC drag scene has been huge. Paige is someone whom I’ve looked up to and respected for years. I am so happy to have worked with her and I love how professional and organized she is. She’s always a text message away, and at times she’s really been a second mother/therapist to use. Paige produces and puts on an amazing competition. The exposure alone is unbelievable and for that I am so grateful. I also need to shout out the staff at New World Stages. The way they transform the space in such a small amount of time is unbelievable! Plus you have all these drag queens with their entourage and they never loose their cool. 

The Judges feedback has been very beneficial and valuable to me, especially Andrew Werner. He’s been there almost every week and has been such a great supporter of my performances. And I was star stuck when I met Alexis Michelle because she was the entire reason I entered the competition. I had seen her YouTube channel with her So You Think You Can Drag video clips. I was really blown away and couldn’t believe how she brought it every week.  She gave me some great feedback and I was happy to get her seal of approval.

Question: So without spoiling anything, what can we expect from you in the finale?

High drag henny!


Question: Any you want to plug before we wrap up?

I have a lot of special guest spots coming up so follow me on Facebook and Instagram at Vicky Boofont.  BOO as in “Hey Boo” and FONT as in “Is that Helvetica?”

I also have a very special Holiday show in December that happens to be a spin off of one of my SYTYCD performances!  It’s gonna blow people’s mind! In addition, I am hosting a special fundraiser on January 7th called “Broads and Bawds” which benefits Iris house – they provide programs servicing women with HIV. Oh and I’m taking part in another benefit, Winter Rhythms , on December 2nd as well!

Question: Best of luck to you on the 1oth! It really was a pleasure getting to know you and the entire cast backstage this season. Do you have any final words of wisdom to leave the universe with?

Chiffon Dior makes the best cupcakes in the world. And Strawberry Fields needs her own TV chat show because she is so funny on film! I just love her!!


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