So You Think You Can Drag, Week 4


Chiffon Dior: Hi Paige! Welcome back! How are you love?

Paige Turner: Good! I haven’t gotten off the hamster wheel, or was it a gerbil? Never mind. #tribeofrichardgere

CD: So the rumor has it, another week, another Alexis Michelle win?

PT: Yes! It was her second win and so different from the previous win! That’s what so great about her, with all these bottoms in midtown, Alexis is actually quite versatile

CD: I’m sick as a dog right now, possibly with Ebola, so I have no good response to that. It was an 80’s theme right? What did she bring to the table this week?

PT: She went for the balls, or heartstrings I should say, and pulled out a Golden Girls medley of mostly spoken dialogue, morphing into Bea Arthur realness and then singing the full live version of “Thank You For Being a Friend”! Remember that song is originally from the 70’s and we never get to hear the full version, because, well, Hallmark and Lifetime cut that shit down. It was lovely. Girl, she can act!

CD: Oh I know! She acts like she listens to me when I’m babbling on and on about website stuff! What other bits of 80’s goodness did the rest of the gurls bring to the table?

PT: We had a truly outrageous Jem by Maci Sumcox.

CD: Please tell me her mix ended with “Show’s over Synergy.”!


PT: *Laughs* I think it did end with was morphed with Jem commercials which the judges loved. And runner up Holly Box Springs did a “9 to 5″, shot the boss and morphed into Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time”. It was a total story! We also got “What a Feeling” with full Flashdance aerobic 80s realness, confetti water drop and more from the Countess Mascara. Schwa Di Vivre‘s “Like a Virgin” (bottom) live song was a highlight and of course it was like preaching to the choir….EVERYONE could relate!

CD: What about Alf? Didn’t anyone serve Alf realness?

PT: Someone in the audience looked like Alf, but I don’t think they were going for that….probably good not to give names .

CD: Good idea. So what’s on tap for next week?

PT: Next week is Legends and Divas! This is really fun because you can’t have Beyonce, but you could have Carol Channing. Beyonce is a diva but NOT a legend, at least not yet. Traditionally, its been a very fun theme so we wait a while before doing it. Now that we’re past the halfway mark, it’s a good time for it.

CD: Oh, so it’s not an either or theme, you have check both boxes? Not that you want to check most of these gurls boxes of course.

PT: Nooo!! Say, did you see these? *cheap plug alert*

I was really worried about this week to be honest.. Everyone kept changing their songs or second guessing themselves. I had Pac-Man Fever and didn’t know if I would make it or not. I really thought I was turning Japanese, I really, really did think so. But anyways, those girls walked like an Egyptian and it me with their best shot!

CD: So you know in advance what the gurls are going to do? That’s very RuPaul in the workroom! Do you give them any guidance or suggestions?

PT: Oh hells yes! You have to so there’s no repeats of any kind. There’s even a do not perform list. Chelsea Piers (SYTYCD Season 3 finalist) is their mentor. We don’t mess around, yes everyone comes to us for advice…well ALMOST everyone. There’s always a bad apple in the bunch. This is a pretty good attitude bunch, but yes there is always a Rhoda Penmark.

CD: Ha! So do you have any special judges lined up for this week?

PT: Yes and really good ones, Michael Musto and Ben Rimalower! Ben did the show “Patti Issues” about Patti Lupone which garnered critical praise here and he got to tour with it as well. He is back with his new off Broadway show “Bad With Money”. They will be very fun and sassy and are perfect for Legends and Divas since Michael is a legend and Ben thinks he’s a diva.

CD: Perfect! So where else can the kids see you this week my dear?

PT: Monday I am going out of my comfort zone…well not with the material, but I’m going to the Lower East Side to host a star studded event Funkytown with all these Broadway and nightlife creatures disco, style!Β (More info here!)


Wednesday is my show WERK at Hardware Bar. (More info here)

CD: That’s way too clean for a NYC bathroom.

PT: And I’m the Saturday hostess for the new Times Square Equality Bar “Shadow Boxers Bar” from the same owners as Boxers. (More info here)


….and then my long running show SLURP at therapy on Sundays (Yet more info here) and October 12th will be a ComiCon show with Jackie Cox! Gurl, you should have never asked! *laughs*


PT: Do you have a show poster for when you take a nap or make a run to Starbucks too?

PT: Thank god there’s a Starbucks in my building and I have horrible sleep problems, I can’t imagine why!

CD: Thanks again for recapping another fierce week of SYTYCD with us Paige! Assuming I’m not dead from Ebola or medically quarantined next week, hopefully you join us again then!

PT: Duh, shameless self promotion is the new black! Slurp!

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