What The Walking Dead: Time For After

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of What The Walking Dead! I apologize for my tardiness but to be quite honest, I was holding off an army of the undead at my door and I didn’t want to put you all in danger. This episode, titled “Time For After”, was great and I am excited to talk about it. Let’s waste no more time, shall we?

The Good

This episode really showed off our range of different characters. I honestly think that’s what makes this show work right now. We have Jadis leading the Scavengers, Rick, Negan, King Ezekiel, and Carol… just so many different characters! This show basically assembled the Avengers: Zombie Apocalypse cast. I am really growing to like the inside point of view into the Saviors sanctuary. Though they are all monsters, there are actually some pretty interesting characters. I’m even warming up to Dwight which I thought was impossible. Now can we talk about Jadis real quick? I am obsessed with the Scavengers and I think if I was in the zombie apocalypse, I would join Jadis. They have a strong eye in fashion, sculptures, plus they enjoy killing their prisoners with zombies wearing Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome inspired costumes. The junkyard sounds like a party. Plus Jadis is kind of dreamy, I’m not going to lie. Don’t judge me! Alright what were we talking about?

The Bad

Do you think if I tweet the show creators enough, they will finally kill off Eugene? Just when I think Eugene couldn’t get more annoying, he always proves me wrong and does something even more annoying. We have kept Eugene alive for way more seasons then necessary and this is how he repays Rick and the others? I never thought I would ever feel bad for Father Gabriel, but watching Eugene yell at the very sick Gabriel was awful. That must have been the worst form of torture. Daryl… Daryl why did you have to do that. Listen up everyone! If Michonne says “this is a bad idea”… it’s a bad idea! Daryl might have screwed us all over and bought us another season of Negan’s terror. Jadis is going to be pissed when Rick says the plan has failed…

The Episode MVP

Today’s award was rather easy for me to pick. I thought to myself, “who really shined this week?” Then the answer became clear, literally I enjoyed every character who wasn’t Eugene. Therefore, everyone who is not Eugene, come up and claim your prize!

In Summation

Do you think Rick is able to travel into the “Upside Down”, while being inside that dark storage container? If Jadis actually creates a nude Rick sculpture, I am buying that for my coffee table immediately. You know your character sucks, when you are making Dwight look like an angel… Eugene! Watching Eugene hack up all of that red wine is the same exact way I feel whenever he speaks. Daryl you’ve been a very bad girl. A very bad girl Gaga…. If Eugene was a Lord of the Rings character, he would be that nasty pale dude who almost got King Théoden killed by Saruman in The Two Towers. Boom, there is your Lord of the Rings reference of the week. Not done yet… the only thing that could make the Scavengers cooler, is if they had Tina Turner singing We Don’t Need Another Hero in the background as Rick battled that scary walker. Somehow when Eugene was ranting at sick Father Gabriel, I felt like the victim! Rick looks like a real dork right now taking the Scavengers to an empty Sanctuary…

Well alright then. That episode was badass and I have a feeling next weekend will be even better! If Eugene is responsible for whatever mess we have to deal with next weekend, then the show staff better expect a lot of angry tweets… from me! Bring it on! Enjoy a preview and I will see you all next week!

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