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What the Walking Dead: The Big Scary U

Hey there friends! Oh yay, another episode of The Walking Dead! Last night’s episode was…. eh? Like it was good in the sense that we got to listen to Negan talk which is always entertaining. But really, almost nothing was accomplished.  Kind of a disappointing episode if you ask me. Either way, we are going to treat this episode like all of the others so let’s get to it! Presenting, The Big Scary U.

The Good

You should never say bad things about the The Walking Dead, only good… that episode is dead. Good. I don’t have many good things to say about this episode. But I will say, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is freaking fantastic. Honestly my love for Negan is really strong and it is slightly concerning. He is just such a charming character with wicked style. Yeah he might have bashed a few people’s heads in but who hasn’t. Negan’s screen time in this episode included the only parts worth watching really. Alright time to take myself away from this dark sided attraction.

The Bad

The only thing that was really accomplished in this episode is that Negan and Gabriel made it from Point A to Point B which was probably all of ten feet. It took the whole episode for that to happen.  But the part that was even more frustrating was Daryl and Rick’s wrestling moment off the street. What the hell is going on here? I literally think the writers for this episode were up too late and just got lazy. It was just a pointless scene. On top of that, our saving grace is supposed to be a couple of Eugene scenes? Kill me now. This episode kind of felt like quick punishment.

In Summation

Is it wrong that I am kind of jealous of Father Gabriel? Hey, don’t tell me you don’t want to be trapped in a room with Negan. Watching Rick and Daryl fight kind of reminds me of that scene in “Just Friends” when Ryan Reynolds fights his brother. Fancy that, the truck exploded. I have seen more surprises in a “Magic Treehouse” novel than in this weeks script. I can smell the Walker guts through my television and it is really putting a damper on my burger. Sick Gabriel kind of reminds me of the sick faces I made while watching this episode.

Wow that was a ton of fun, wasn’t it? Well don’t be too discouraged because next week we see the return of one of my newer favorite characters, Milla Jovovich Look-Alike! Woohoo! That is right, the Trash People are back again. So stay tuned because next week has to be interesting. Until then, here is a teaser to satisfy your taste. See you then!

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