What The Walking Dead: Crossed


Our time together is coming to an end pretty soon as the mid-season finale draws near. This episode was setting us up for probably one of the most exciting mid-season’s yet!

So this episode was all about figuring out how the hell  we are going to save Carol… oh and Beth…but who cares. Rick, Daryl, Tyrese, and Sasha headed out to Atlanta with Noah to challenge Dawn so they can save Carol…oh yeah and Beth.


In all honesty, not much really happened this episode like I thought it would. It was just a big set-up for next Sunday. Team Rick made it to Atlanta and got this brilliant idea… they figured if they shoot off a gun, the cops would hear and come after them. Then Team Rick would capture them and trade them for Carol… and…uh whats her name.. oh yeah Beth. After a little bit of violence, a few cops were captured..5 points for Team Rick. But of course our characters never seem to think rationally and Sasha was tricked into believing one of the prisoners stories, decked her in the face, and got away.

Meanwhile, Eugene is still sleeping in the middle of the street while Abraham is still hella pissed. Glenn and Maggie are getting bored and Rosita is ready to shoot someone. So to entertain themselves while Eugene vegetates on the street and Abraham throws a fit, Glenn, Rosita, and Tara go fishing in a nearby creek…. What is happening here?


Inside the hospital, some jerk is bored of using energy on Carol so he wants to pull the plug on her machines but luckily…Beth?…steps up finally and gets her the medicine she needs to survive hopefully. Come on Carol, you can do this! You don’t have a choice… Chiffon has me booked for these reviews until every last character is dead!

I’m sorry Not Safe 4 Werkers, I do not have much to say because even our own characters didn’t have much to say this week. Looks like we will just have to wait for next week.

Next week… I have only one hope… Carol gets out alive and Team Ricks gets out unharmed. I can’t have any of my favorite characters die. My life is too delicate at the moment to have a favorite character die in this show. I’m still recovering from Andrea.


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