What The Walking Dead: Four Walls and a Roof

7-CarylIt’s episode 3 of season 5 and boy do we have a lot to talk about tonight! This episode was a hot mess combination of death, delicious toes, awkward church violence, and….where the hell is Carol? Lets get into it!

So this episode began with the Terminians chowing down on Bob’s leg. Try not to get hungry people. Ugh, but some thighs would really hit the spot right now. Except for Bob mentions he was bitten. That will really put a damper on some Bob jerky. Basically everyone freaks out about the possibly tainted meat, but as long as it’s not medium-rare we should be good. Medium-well is appropriate when eating Bob jerky. Wow enough talk about delicious Bob…good ole delicious Bob….with some roasted potatoes and some…oh hey there what are we talking about?


The Terminians drop off Bob in front of the church where our group of survivors are currently chilling. Which by the way was pretty nice of the Terminians considering they just gnawed off one of his legs. A thank you card may have been in order. The group goes into panic. Rick is ready to gather up arms and bust a cap in every last Terminian. Sasha is ready to chop up anything that moves. Abraham Ford is bored and wants to go to D.C (dude take a seat and stay a while please) and during all of this… CAROL IS MISSING. People, do you know how hard it is for me to concentrate on this show when Carol is not on camera. I don’t know what the…. someone find her now who cares about Bob’s delicious accident.


To sum up everything before I talk about some important subjects (yes Carol is returning to this conversation) Rick and his band of savages leave the church to find the bunch of savages that sampled the Bob jerky. Meanwhile the bunch of savages sampled the Bob jerky and obviously wanted more walked into the church and were prepared to blow Judith, Tyrese, Bob, Carl, and other useless characters into tiny bite sized pieces. But like we were all hoping for Rick and the group come out of the shadows and turn Garreth and his group into a bloody accident. It was actually quite terrifying. With that said, the Terminus story is now over. But thats not the only thing that is over… Bob passed away.. I know I know. It was kind of sad, but as the president of the “Bob is Useless” club I would just like to say….”Yeah yeah, Where is Carol?”


So specific parts that need to be mentioned. I am happy Michonne got her sword back. She tried to act like she wasn’t missing it but…I mean come on. The sword is super effective and she looks like such a badass using it.


Glenn and Maggie left the group after the Terminians were killed. They got on a bus with Abraham Ford, the scary guy with the mullet, and one of the last few remaining hot women still alive in Atlanta. The deal was if Abraham stayed around and helped Rick and the clan kill the Terminians, then Glenn and Maggie would go with them to D.C. Which is complete nonsense. I give Abraham one episode before the bus breaks down at a busted down Macy’s five blocks down and Glenn and Maggie have to save the day. Just why even bother. Also, Maggie….you realize you have a sister named Beth…who is probably still alive right? Come on!


Okay the priest is just annoying. I don’t trust him. Just end him now so we don’t have to watch him turned into a very holy salad for the walkers.

Okay now no matter how many people die, the thing that bothers me the most is where is freaking Carol? Daryl came out of the woods looking beat up and without Carol? Michonne caught the smell of nonsense and was like “Where is Carol” and Daryl looks back and says “Come on out of there”… Then the show ends…..Uh……..excuse me? Where is Carol. Don’t play with me.  Come on out of there is right. Lets go Carol you better sissy that walk over to the church. How am i suppose to function this week while knowing Carol might be hurt or maybe even dead. Let me just warn you all… if Carol is dead. Do NOT try talking to me after the episode. Not Safe 4 Werk is really going to be not safe…. The sneak peek to next shows Beth laying in like a hospital but I could hardly concentrate…where is Carol…?


Now I will end this with my Bob Eulogy. Bob…. we met you back in season 4… Remember back when we visited that grocery store and you almost got everyone killed because you wanted alcohol… Oh how about that time everyone was dying back home and we went to that vet hospital and you almost got everyone killed again because of alcohol. I sure do. Bob, you might have went out tastier than when you came in the show… But I certainly will not be missing you. Rest In Peace Bob Episode 401-503. Where is Carol?


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