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Welcome back all to “What The Walking Dead” where I talk you through what the hell happened on the newest episode of The Walking Dead. Unfortunately though… this episode was not a happy reunion for us as you may know if you actually watched it. The second half of the season begun (unfortunately during the Grammys which makes no sense) in a time where our group has been going through a time of nothing but sorrow. The death of Beth is still very fresh for both the characters and…. us watching at home.


So our group of survivors is on the road and they are going to where Noah is from. He says that there is a group there including his family. All I can say to that is HAH! They died long ago Noah, haven’t you seen this show before. After driving forever, the survivors finally make it to Neverland Ranch and of course everyone is dead. Noah begins to freak out on cue and everyone else is just kind of over it. Tyreese then volunteers to watch Noah during his fit so the others go look around.


Rick, Michonne, and Glen are looking around they find nothing but dead people and shattered dreams. It was really a pointless conversation along the lines of “everyone is dead, we are losing one cast member per episode at this point, and maybe we should go to Washington anyways because I’m sure there are a bunch of alive people there”…. Sounds accurate. Meanwhile Tyreese and Noah go to see Noah’s family and we find out they are a tad bit dead… Shocker.. But as Noah leaves to another room, Noahs brother or twin or…I don’t really know… creepy zombie relative came out of no where and bit Tyreese…..


Tyreese kills the zombie and begins to go crazy. Crazy like seeing Beth, The Governor, and all kinds of weird dead people… Tyreese was not in a good place that is for sure.


After Tyreese talks to himself for a long amount of time, the Governor illusion turns into a zombie and Tyreese has to fight that one off too. Because this show is twisted in every way, this walker also gets a bite out of Tyreese but Tyreese let him so he can grab a weapon. So, the walker bit Tyreese in about the same spot. There is blood everywhere and I am getting nauseous, please make this stop.


Noah eventually brings the group to Tyreese. In a terrible moment, Michonne hacks off Tyreese’s arm in a clean sword sweep and they get him back to the car after a stressful escape from a bunch of walkers and car trouble. Tyreese stayed awake for a while but started seeing Beth and Bob again… Eventually the car pulled over and you saw Rick and the others take Tyreese out of the car because he passed… The show ended with the group burying Tyreese and a heartbreaking camera moment for Sasha…. What is wrong with this show…

So in the end… it’s glad to be back… I think? I hope to see you all next week after the new episode! Hopefully it will be a little bit more positive? As always, I end this with the Eulogy of Tyreese….

Tyreese… You were a strong, loving character. You survived though some of the most difficult challenges… Heartbreak…Loss…Regret…and Forgiveness… But in the end, you left a positive mark on this world by staying true to yourself and doing the best you could to preserve what humanity this world has left. You will be surely missed.


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