What the Walking Dead: Hostiles and Calamities

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the whole five of you who actually watched The Walking Dead after the Oscars. If you are like me, you recorded the show and watched it after the Oscars which in this case, was difficult. Let’s be real. This episode was a real snooze fest. There was more action in the last 5 minutes of the Oscars then there was in the whole episode of  The Walking Dead. So let’s summarize this up so we can move on.

The Fabulous

There wasn’t much fabulous about this episode. Once again I would like to point out the wives of Negan looking good in all black. I appreciate the high fashion in this tragic world. I also enjoyed seeing a little more into Dwight’s personal life. He and his wife actually really love each other and kind of want to go hug my girlfriend right now. Keep your loved ones close. You never know when the apocalypse may show up and you are forced to give your wife up to your new evil dictator with a baseball bat named Lucille.

The Tragic

This whole episode was tragic. I don’t give a rat’s ass about Eugene’s story. Honestly, I wish he was killed off episodes and episodes ago. This episode was a true waste of time. The only insight we got was a look into Dwight’s love life which almost none of us care about and Eugene finally being apart of something which will just end up blowing up in his face at some point. Like I said, there was more action at the Oscars. We saw more violence between Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon… and someone was burned alive on tonight’s episode! I am just going to act like this episode didn’t happen and look forward to next week. Bye. I feel like I had an iron to my face the whole time as well. Also, I hate f****** pickles. Stop shaking that jar. Ugh.

The Episode MVP

Tonight’s episode MVP goes to none other than…. Eugene! Congrats! Wait… no wait that’s not right. I’m sorry this is not a joke. Lil’ Jon is actually the winner of tonight’s episode due to his Emmy-worthy performance on “The Talking Dead”. CAN I GET A WHAT? CAN I GET A OKAAAAAAY??

Alright everyone, lets just act like this episode didn’t happen. Next weekend looks like we will be making up for it with a stressful episode of Rick and Michonne running and destroying Walkers. That has to be better than this episode. Until then, I hope you all have an amazing week. Stay away from pickles please. They freak me the f*** out.

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