What the Walking Dead: New Best Friends

Hey party people! Happy Not-My-President Day! This week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was seriously off the chain. We got some violence with the Saviors, we got to meet the Scavengers, Rick battled a Guillermo Del Toro-esque monster in true “Return of the Jedi” form, and Daryl had a beautiful reunion with Carol. Gah! So many emotions. Let’s get into this…

The Fabulous

So many great moments this week. First of all, this new group “The Scavengers” are so cool. They are totally my group of people. They are wearing all black. They all have aesthetic hair. What is not to like? Can we talk about the leader though… Jadis is such a bad-ass. I am already in love with her character and I am going to root her on. I can’t get over her accent and that bad-ass hair cut. It’s like if we got Mila Jovovich to do The Walking Dead. Honestly though, this group could be a great tool for us. Let’s hope Negan doesn’t make them a better deal because then we are really screwed.

Okay here comes the waterworks. Carol and Daryl back together again! What is this! I could hardly stop crying. I don’t know if it was a good idea to lie to Carol about deaths since she left.. But it was worth it in the moment to see the queen smile. Ugh, I love these two together. Never leave each other. These two actors have a real human connection both on and off camera and it shows. How much do I have to pay to hang out with Norman and Melissa and go out for burgers?

The Tragic

I don’t really have any negatives for this episode. It was a pretty good episode. SO lets talk about something that was tragic for Rick specifically, the walker known as Winslow. What the actual f*ck. That is a scary walker. When Rick accidentally gets his hand stabbed on Winslow’s helmet…. I almost peed myself. That was a scary ass monster and was very relieved when it died.

Episode MVP

The Episode MVP Award of this week goes to Jadis. I was captivated by her leadership and her style. I really hope we get to see some really bad-ass moments with Jadis. Wouldn’t it be dope if she anything like her bad-ass doppelganger Mila Jovovich? I hope Jadis is actually an Alice clone and takes on The Saviors with nothing but a machete and a shotgun. Sorry… I’ve been re-watching Resident Evil. But really though, Pollyanna McIntosh did a fantastic job bringing this character to life. This story line should be dope!

Alright friends. This week has been good for me, what about you? Lets do this again next week. Call me why don’t you… I heard Eugene is going to get a Negan ass-kicking next week so you know I am game for that. Looks like it will be a good episode for sure! Until next time!

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