What The Walking Dead: Say Yes

Ohhhh! Another episode of The Walking Dead? How exciting. Welcome back guys to “What the Walking Dead“. Can I just start by saying how much better this week’s episode was compared to last week. I mean it was like night and day. So lets just cut to the chase. This week we saw Rick and Michonne go on a little vacation to the local fair where they played carnival games, ate macaroni and cheese, had constant sex, and found a crap ton of guns. I know, it doesn’t sound like much… But last week we had to watch Eugene walk around with a pickle jar. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Let’s break this episode down, shall we?

The Fabulous

This episode was actually rather fun. Think about it… Whenever something wild happens we all think the same thing. “Oh great a giant herd of Walkers” or “another group led by an evil dictator, how original…” Well this episode kind of poked fun at that idea. There is a moment in the episode when Michonne and Rick are looking upon these fenced in Walkers, and the ground caves underneath the two. When they hit the ground, the two just start laughing  as the camera stays focused on the hole they fell in. Genius! It was like the wall of the camera broke and the world just laughed with the two survivors. What a great moment. I also am loving the fact that Tara might be going back to Oceanside. Go girl!

The Tragic

Okay Rosita… we need to have a talk. Please calm all the way down. If Rosita continues down this path, we are going to lose good people. I don’t understand why she is so hell-bent on destroying all of the progress Rick has made. All we need is The Kingdom and Milla Jovovich and we can beat Negan. But now Rosita is going to try something, and some of our favorite characters are going to die. I just face palmed so hard, I went cross eyed. Oh, can we talk about the fact that Milla Jovovich still isn’t happy with the crap-ton of guns Rick brought her… More? Really girl. So greedy. Not even a thank you…

The Episode MVP

I think this weeks Episode MVP was a no brainer. This weeks award goes to the one, the only, Michonne! Why? Well did you see Michonne destroy those Walkers at the fair?! I love watching her fight with her sword. It’s just so freaking cool. I have always said, the best method of gun control in America would be to take away all guns and revert back to swords. How cool would that be. If you died, it’s because you lacked in training. What are we talking about again? Oh right, Michonne being a bad ass bitch. She is amazing and I love watching her hack things up.

Alright crew. I’ve done my fair share. Now it’s your turn to post your comments so we can talk about this episode. Next week we get to see Carol leave the house and get money. Prepare yourselves for a whole article dedicated to Carol fanboy ranting. It’s been fun guys! When you are done with this, I suggest you all go watch Feud: Bette and Joan. It is freaking good! Okay have a wonderful day!

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