What The Walking Dead: The Other Side

Hello friends. Just like The Kingdom’s melon shipment, I am also not on time. I know you must have been devastated without having someone to talk to… but shhhhh I’m here now. This episode we got to sit back and watch Rosita and Sasha make the biggest mistakes of their life served up with a side of Daryl tears. Oh we also had a “coming out” moment for one of our characters. How did we get so lucky? So let’s get into it shall we?

The Fabulous

Well there were a few good points to smile about in this episode. Our characters have been going through a pretty rough time and we don’t often see any smiles. But we had a few solid moments in this episode where our dark, withered hearts actually felt something. During a friendly talk with Maggie, we came to realize that Jesus is actually gay. No not that Jesus, the Jesus from Hilltop. What a sweet moment. I hope he is able to find love even in this messed up world. We also got to see Daryl and Maggie finally get to talk. Maggie had to pretend that it wasn’t Daryl’s fault that Glenn had his brains bashed out. I mean lets be real… there should be a little guilt there… But hey Maggie forgives Daryl and I that’s all that matters.

The Tragic

I want to strangle Sasha and Rosita. Are you guys serious with this crap? Rick has been creating an army all season now and you guys decide to try and take a shortcut. I have a bad feeling Sasha is not going to make it out of this. Likely she is going to have her face melted off by Negan…that’s the LEAST he could do. Stick to the plan man! Oh and Eugene…don’t even get me started on Eugene. Negan gives you some video games and downtime with his got wives and all of a sudden you just switch sides. NOPE, you have got to go. Bye mullet.

The Episode MVP

To me, the winner of this weeks “Episode MVP” has to be Jesus. NO! Not that Jesus, the OTHER Jesus. Yes, even during the zombie apocalypse, Jesus has found the courage to be himself in this world. Showing that as long as we stay true to our values and show compassion for one another, we can beat even the most terrifying situations. Courage is what our characters need to survive…. maybe we should take a page from Jesus’s book… NO not that book! The other book. You know what… I’m outta here!

Well this week was stressful. With only two episodes left, I am sure the stress is only going to get worse. So.. bring it on. What would The Walking Dead look like in Russia? That would be fun. Or maybe we are living it. Anyways, bring your Xanax because next week will suck.

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