What The Walking Dead: Slabtown


It’s that time of the week again! I know… I know…. why did it take so long for this to be posted you might be wondering… Well I have some questions too, like what the heck is Carol doing in this stupid hospital. AMC is making me wait for answers, so you guys could do some waiting also!

So Slabtown was… well another episode. In summary, Beth is alive!


Beth somehow ended up in this hospital being ran by a women in a uniform named Dawn. There they have some twisted cop, a sad doctor, more cops, and…the boy from “Everybody Hates Chris”? What are you doing in Atlanta yo!?


Beth figures out that like always, this place is twisted just like every stop on the “Tour Around Zombie Georgia” tour. Basically what the deal is, Dawn figures since they “saved” Beth’s life, she is in their debt. Therefore she can’t leave the hospital until she pays off her debt by being a nurse it looks like. Beth meets her new boy toy Noah and they both decide that they need to get out of here. So Beth and Noah come up with this terrible plan where they shimmy down a elevator shaft full of zombies and make a run for it. After being obnoxiously loud shooting down a horde of zombies, some more hospital cops run up and grab Beth while Noah makes a run for it. So don’t fear Not Safe 4 Werkers, “Everybody Hates Chris” has a chance at continuing, while Beth ends up back in the Hospital.


At this point in the episode with only ten seconds left, I am fuming mad because where the hell is Carol..? How many times do I need to ask this question. Then finally, a woman gets wheeled in on a hospital gurney… It’s Carol? Why is she on that bed and why does she look beaten to hell? Then of course, the episode ends. Great. So I waited a whole week to find out absolutely nothing about Carol except that she is in a shitty situation. We all already knew that. Yes, Beth is back…. and….I am so done with this show. This is similar to a American Horror Story series where Jessica Lange only shows up a few seconds every other week.. No, I demand answers or I am cancelling this column and reviewing old “Jersey Shore” episodes. See you next week, Bye Felicia.


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