What The Walking Dead: Some Guy

Hello everyone… I hope you are all doing okay. Last night’s episode; Some Guy, was rough and the sleep afterwards was even worse. We lost a major character last night and this pain will be felt for a long time. I know the wound is still fresh, but let’s talk about it. We can get through this.

The Good

Despite this episode being extremely terrifying, it was really good. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. It was crazy seeing Ezekiel so broken as opposed to his cheerful, king-like self. Khary Paton’s acting really made this episode special and it was great seeing the range of his emotional threshold. Carol’s badass levels were also through the roof last night.  I literally jumped five feet off my couch when Carol attacked from the ceiling…. how can you be prepared for that! I was expecting Carol to do something hardcore, but I didn’t think she would crawl into the ceiling with a machine gun. But all in all, this episode was great because the show channeled its true horror element by using the walkers to constantly put that pressure on us. The opening scene alone was so scary and it felt like this show had a rebirth.

The Bad

Like I said this episode was amazing so I don’t have a lot of negatives. I don’t really understand why it took so long for that guy dragging Ezekiel to die? He dragged Ezekiel for half the show and then ended up dropping him off like the past thirty minutes didn’t happen. What a waste of time. How did Rick and Daryl catch up to the guns so fast? They flew up like NASCAR drivers. Other than those two very minor details which probably aren’t even negatives, the episode was amazing.

In Memoriam

Tonight we lost a special character. Our beloved Shiva sacrificed herself to save Ezekiel, Carol, and Jerry. It’s funny how we can watch a crowd of people get mowed down by that huge machine gun and hardly feel anything. But the second you touch the Tiger, the feels come flooding to. Though we didn’t have Shiva with us that long, I can admit that Shiva was the most special tiger I’ve ever had in my life. You’ll be missed Shiva… you were grrrrreat. Okay too soon I get it, I’m sorry.

In Summation

King Ezekiel is a walking Lord of The Rings reference. His opening speech literally sounded like King Theoden’s speech at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields… Now that I’ve lost you…. Watching all of Ezekiel’s people go down reminds me a little of Mueller’s investigation into the Trump Campaign. If Carol was a horror movie character, she would be The Predator and you can’t convince me otherwise! Be right back as I change my pants after Carol ambushed from the ceiling. Jerry deserves to be knighted, make that happen Ezekiel. I miss when Carol smoked. Anyone wondering where Milla Jovovich and the Trash People are? I may have spent Rick and Daryl’s whole scene hoping they would have a Fast and the Furious “See You Again” moment. If Shiva had to die so that Carol can live, I am okay with that.

That episode hurt for sure. It’ll take some time for that wound to close for sure. But hey, that means there is more room for a new pet. Perhaps a dog or a zombie polar bear? I’m flexible really. Thank you all and enjoy this trailer for next week.

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