It’s that time of the week again! Another episode of Season 5 has happened and you have come across the right place to talk about one of television’s biggest shows…The Walking Dead!

So this is the second episode of the show and I have to be quite honest. This episode kind of bored me. Now I am not to mad because.. hey the first episode had serious bang to it. Maybe we all do need a little break. Let me break down all of the details that made this episode what it is.

There were a lot of sweet conversations in this episode (all having to do with Carol). Carol and Rick chatted. Carol and Tyrese talked about not mentioning the fact that Carol blew the brains out of one of the girls she was talking about. Then we witnessed some real Carol and Daryl sexual tensions. Carol, Carol, Carol, and Carol (sounds like my thoughts during every episode).


The group stumbled across some priest who was seconds away from his legs being torn into a meaty snack. Luckily for the walkers, our group put them out of their misery, It’s fashion week…human is high in calories. The priest took the group back to the church. He was very suspicious yet really annoying because he seemed so boring. How he has survived…I just don’t know.


The group goes to some building and comes across a delicious pool of walkers. I’m not really sure what they were doing because at this point Carol hasn’t had camera time in five minutes so what is the point.

Then we go back to the church and the group is just chilling… drinking wine and eating pecans. Rick talks to his baby while Sasha and Bob start to kiss. Wait a minute! When did this happen and why does the world hate me. I can’t stand Bob. He is so useless. Girl you can do so much better…


We came across more Daryl and Carol sexual tension and apparently a car drove by with a cross on it as Daryl explains that they have Beth! Beth! Girl come back to us I miss you actually. Then we come to this scene where Bob wakes up in a camp with that creepy guy who eats people. He is slightly pissed off that Rick’s group let the place burn and shot plenty of people. We then come to see in the last few seconds of the episode that the cannibals are indeed chewing on Bob’s legs. Most people freaked out at this moment but I just casually flipped my hair. Bob can be made into beef jerky for all I care.


That is really it for this episode. What did we learn from this episode…? Carol is Awesome and Bob would make a delicious pot roast. Hopefully his episodes are numbered so everyone else can stay alive longer. How terrible… Just kidding.. Bye bye Bobby.

See you next week on “What The Walking Dead!”

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