What The Walking Dead: Them


Welcome back fans of The Walking Dead! We have an exciting episode to talk about this week….. oh wait…. no we don’t? Lets talk about it..

So usually after a dramatic death, we see our characters weep for a long time. Though I understand… it seems to always take a toll on the show. Not only are our characters mourning Tyreese.. but they are still in mourning of Beth. So this episode was really purposed to show the unwinding of our characters. They are quickly losing their minds… Maggie will not stop crying. Sasha is being wreck-less. Michonne is getting a little bossy. Rick hasn’t shaved… and that baby wont shut up! Even Daryl is crying everywhere and eating worms? Of course the only person with their crap in order is Carol! My girl!

That is all that happened this episode. The most exciting part for me was when Sasha shot a bunch of dogs and then we got to barbecue some puppies. Mmmmmmmm! At the end some weirdo came up to the group saying he has “good news” but I’m sure he is probably just another Terminus goon with a hunger for feet.

All in all…probably one of the most boring episodes to ever be done. Congrats AMC!


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