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#WEEKINDRAG with Emily Meow


Welcome to another #WEEKINDRAG!


This past week in the world of drag, I was extremely happy to have been able to attend the London date of the Battle of the Seasons tour! As I’ve been neck deep in university work recently, this show couldn’t have come better time for me. I’d pick a mix and mingle over a meet and greet any day and I was happy to catch up with some old and new friends during this time. The show itself was incredible, the videos played on the screen got everyone so hyped, each featured queen getting a huge roar from the crowd when they were shown, then came the opening number, a parody mix of some songs from The Little Mermaid soundtrack! Drag and Disney combined, what more could you want? Complete with hilarious and well executed choreography, all the group numbers that night were highly entertaining, including an incredible Rocky Horror mix for the queens, which included the whole venue dancing to the time warp. Highlights for me were definitely Sharon’s Supernature and Bowie/Cerrone tribute (RIP, sweet boy) numbers, Katya performing “I Can’t Do It Alone” from Chicago in Russian, Courtney Act’s glow in the dark rendition of her songs Ugly and Kaleidoscope and the moment I literally lost my mind: MICHELLE BOUGHT ANASTACIA ON STAGE AND THEY PERFORMED “I’M OUTTA LOVE” TOGETHER!! (Sorry if you were in close vicinity of my being at this point). Overall, bar the absence of Willam (which I’ll never be over) , the show was incredible, flowed nicely and I’d highly recommend you grab a ticket if you’re lucky enough to have the tour come to a city near you. Til’ next time, BOTS!


Competitions galore! The east coast of the US has been competition crazy the last few weeks with the Miss Barracuda pageant and Philly Drag Wars All Stars crowning their winners Ariel Versace and Kari Kerning.  Kari Kerning snatched the crown of Miss Barracuda this week, hosted by Tina Burner in New York City and Ariel Versace won Philly Drag Wars All Stars hosted by Mimi Imfurst. We spoke to the girls about their wins:

Arial Versace: “I am so honored to take home the crown for winning Philadelphia’s Next Drag Superstar for All Stars 2! I have been working my bootay off for the past 3 years within the Philadelphia drag scene and it’s nice to finally see that come to fruition!”

Kari Kerning: “Miss Barracuda is such a unique pageant. Not only is it in the oldest and most consequential drag bar in NYC, but it specifically looks for creative drag, unique answers to each weeks challenges. That’s what really drew me to the pageant. I was challenged by the other girls in the competition, but also by Tina (Burner) and the creativity of everyone who created the category prompts. It’s such an honor and privilege to represent this bar and this pageant I’m really over the frickin’ moon and energized for the upcoming year! Big things are coming from Kari Kerning!”

Well done, girls!

This week came possibly my favourite makeup collaboration of all time. Trixie Mattel and Willam combined forces this week, and created an incredible “Paint Me Bitch” in which Trixie created her iconic face onto Willam’s mug. The results were one part incredible and one part terrifying, and the video itself is a laugh. Check it out below!

 It’s safe to say after the premier of Season 8 or RPDR, we all fell in love with the cute and #CUCU Cynthia Lee Fontaine. With a heart of gold, caring instinct and simply hilarious one liners, Cynthia has become a season favourite. She recently revealed that after shooting she was diagnosed with Stage 1 liver cancer. After one session of chemo, Cynthia is now back up and doing well. We all love you Cynthia. You’re an incredible role model and your impact since the show has been legendary. For more details, read her recent interview here.
Last but not least, RuPaul’s recent interview with Vulture has gone somewhat viral in the drag scene. The interview entitled “Real Talk with RuPaul” spills all the tea, as well as being incredible insightful and wise, with hints of cheeky wit. They discuss topics such as the mainstream stealing LGBTQ+ ideas, why Ru doesn’t go to award shows, David Bowie and much more. My favourite lines have to be “(drag) actually didn’t save my life, it gave me a life” and “I’d rather have an enema than have an Emmy”. Check out the interview here!

See you all next week for another all new edition of “The Week in Drag”! If you think we missed a story or if you have suggestion for next week, tweet us at @WERRRKdotcom and let us know!

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