What The Walking Dead: Adaptation

Guess who’s back!? Hello everyone and welcome back. The last time we were together was November 26th. I feel like I have lived a whole lifetime since then. Well, The Walking Dead is back from it’s mid-season break and boy was it worth the wait! Let’s not waste any time and get straight to the detail.

Need a little recap of where we left off? Follow this link!

Get The Hell Out!

The show picks up seconds after Jesus was murdered by The Whisperers. In a very Night of the Living Dead like style, a creepy graveyard battle sequence plays out. Thankfully, our group of survivors make it out in one piece, with the exception of Jesus.

We didn’t learn anything new but our crew is literally so scared and honestly, so am I! How the hell are you supposed to know if a Walker is a Walker anymore? You can’t trust anyone these days. Props to Greg Nicotero to putting together a really great opener.

The Flight of Negan

I know it’s been a while since we last talked so you might have forgot that Negan actually escaped his prison cell in Alexandria. I know, I forgot too! As Negan is escaping, he runs into Judith who basically says there is nothing outside of the walls of Alexandria, and lets him go. Negan of course leaves.

Negan decides to eventually make it over to The Sanctuary I guess half expecting to run into his old crew. The world is literally a ghost town. Once Negan realizes life is pretty much nicer within his jail cell, he decides to head back to Alexandria. Judith “captures” Negan with a underlying tone of “I told you so”.

I know Negan is probably technically the bad guy, but I just love Negan so much still. I hope he finds some sort of redemption and ends up doing some heroic shit for our regular cast members. It might be a long shot, but I don’t want Negan to stay in this cell forever.

They Are Coming…

After escaping that awful graveyard, our crew of heroes capture one of The Whisperers. She is brought back to the Hilltop and her name comes to be Lydia. Daryl tries to interrogate her but really we don’t get anything useful except for the fact that there are more of these creeps out there led by Lydia’s mom. So… we are screwed? I guess we will find out sooner or later.

In Summation

Honestly, Jesus dying was probably for the best. That graveyard was super scary. Negan seems to have taken a page from my own book titled, “Inside Good, Outside Bad.” I am very confused on the amount of love interests Rosita has at this moment? Either way, another apocalypse baby! Those dogs look like me after I have been deprived from In-N-Out burger for over a week. Seeing a Walker stop moving, pull out a sawed-off shotgun, was enough to give me nightmares for the rest of the week. That’s enough Walking Dead for me today.

That episode was pretty insane. I am super excited the show is back and I can’t wait until next weekend! The Whisperers are coming so get ready!

Enjoy a preview of next week’s episode!

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