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What is up crew? I hope you all have spent the past week in the most positive ways possible! It’s time for another entry in the “What The Walking Dead” book  as episode 6 of The Walking Dead comes around. I know what you are thinking… “God I hope that Carol is in this episode!”…. Well if that is what you are thinking, unfortunately she was not so feel free to cruise around the site and come back at a later time. Oh! You are still here. I know you wouldn’t leave me. Let’s summarize!

This week was focused on our good pal Daryl Dixon (keep your underoos on) while simultaneously focusing on Sasha and Abraham. The threesome were together leading the pack until they eventually broke off. Once they left the herd they were ambushed by some random people with guns. Daryl sped off since he was on his  motorcycle and couldn’t really defend himself. Sasha and Abraham pulled over and fought back. Daryl ends up in the burnt woods and we got a glimpse of one of the most rad walkers yet. This Walker was all burnt up but it’s motorcycle helmet was still on kind of melted to the body. It was sick. Anyways, Daryl ends up being caught off guard by these two girls and a guy with a gun. They keep Daryl hostage for a while. But Daryl gets away of course and takes their duffle bag with his crossbow in it. When he opens the back he finds a big pack of Insulin so Daryl decides to go back because he is a great guy. When Daryl gets back and gives them the bag they end up being found by the bad people with the guns so Daryl helps them escape and leads this threesome to  a safe area. One of the girls ends up being bit because she decided to get to close to Walkers who were trapped under a tomb of melted glass. With one girl dead, the two remaining decide to surprise Daryl and take his crossbow and his motorcycle. Typical. But, Daryl finds a truck and heads out onto the road to find Abraham and Sasha. Meanwhile, Abraham and Sasha are hiding out in a abandoned town. Sasha does nothing but sit around this episode while Abraham has a moment of enlightenment when he finds an RPG and a box of cigars. Eventually Daryl pulls up and picks up the two and they all drive off into the sunset happily ever after. On the road, we hear a voice on the radio calling out for help… who is it? We don’t know…



The effects of this episode were pretty sweet. The burnt woods were just really visually appealing. But my favorite was literally the two walkers that appeared to be dead, but really they were just trapped in a tomb of melted glass. It was actually pretty artistic I have to say. Another moment I liked from this episode was kind of just seeing a different side to Abraham. He was just really happy to find this RPG and box of Cigars and it just has a lot to do with the fact you should try and enjoy the small things in life and smile… even if a high percentage of the world wants to eat you. Also, what about that voice on the radio! Oh Walking Dead, you know how to drive me crazy! I bet you that was Glenn! He is out there. Yeah, all he said is “help” which probably translates to “I am in several pieces please come find me so I can ruin your life during the mid-season finale” but still…



I will never understand why people do nice things anymore. Daryl literally turned back to give the girl her Insulin back, next thing you know she is dead and Daryl has no weapon and no motorcycle. On a bigger view of things, I am just a little unsure about this season. I like it don’t get me wrong, but it feels like there is so much filler. What is the point! Why do we need new random characters every episode, especially if they are just going to die right away. Plus, who are these new villains! We haven’t even really explored the Wolves yet! I guess we just have to stay strong, the show will always pick up.



 I can’t believe I  am saying this but Abraham, you were the MVP this episode. You go out there and smile bro! Yeah, every one of your friends might be dead, and your last remaining moments might be with Sasha who lost her marbles a long time ago, but hey… at least you found this big RPG and a box of cigars! Who needs friends? Enjoy the little things in life people!


That is it for the week folks! Hopefully next week we get some more action and a little bit more story development. Or just some more scenes of Carol. But we will see!

I would also just like to take this time to tell everyone to please be safe out there. This world is crazy. Life is already hard enough with disease, climate change, war and so fourth. Lets not make it harder with violence and hate for one another. Instead of going through life hurting yourself and others, lets try to get through this together. Be kind to one another. There is nothing I can say that will make what happened in Paris right again… my thoughts are with all of those affected and with the city of Paris. I am sending nothing but positive energy into the universe in hopes that we can see a world of peace in which we can feel comfortable to walk out of our doors and not be worried about watching our backs.

Stay safe and don’t be afraid of the dark because as long as Daryl Dixon is alive, we all have a reason to be.


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