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Hey there friends! Welcome back to another edition of “What The Walking Dead” Yes, we are a day late due to the Oscars taking place during The Walking Dead. Hey, what can you do? This episode was slow but still a lot of fun. The suspense is just slowly building up and soon this thing is going to blow up! Let’s do thing thing. Presenting to you, the episode titled “Bounty”. Someone hit the stereo for me. If you missed last week’s recap, follow this link to catch up!

Movie Night!

Carol is back on the show after disappearing for a few episodes. What was she up to? Well, Carol is traveling alongside Ezekiel just being a bad-ass. After a long hunt, Ezekiel mentions he wants to head to this theater to grab a projector bulb. With this bulb, the Kingdom can re-continue movie nights. So, Ezekiel leads a “Cobra Strike” into the theater and a ton of Walker killing occurs. What did this scene add to our overall story line?

Nothing really, to be quite honest. However, as Carol and Ezekiel roll away on the carriage after the theater heist, they pass by a sign with a rather peculiar graffiti symbol. A red, upside triangle of some sort. I am not sure what this triangle is, nor do I want to look up any spoilers. But if I were to guess, there is some trouble coming our way. Is this the territory of another evil group now? Could the Whisperers be plotting something? What if the Whisperers are planning on attacking this long awaited fair? If anything terrible happens to Carol, I SWEAR we will riot!

Knock Knock, Who’s There?

The main plot of the episode starts where the last ended. Alpha and The Whisperers are standing at the gates of Hilltop. Daryl and the rest of the Hilltop folk are standing on top of the walls, looking at The Whisperers the same way I look when someone knocks on my door unannounced ready to talk about religion. Alpha demands they release Lydia or else they will kill their two captives.

Among all of the drama, one of The Whisperers brought a baby. As babies do, it starts to cry which compromises Alpha’s position. So, the Whisperer drops the baby and walks away. What the f***! Luckily Connie is nearby and grabs the baby and runs back through the cornfield. This scene was horrifying considering it was Connie’s point of view, so you couldn’t hear anything but your own shortness of breath. Daryl’s crew rescue her, thank goodness! I love Connie – Lauren Ridloff is fantastic in this role!

After a long standoff with multiple Daryl “piss off” moments, Daryl decides there is no other way then to release Lydia. But of course, when the time came Lydia was missing thanks to my least favorite person right now, Henry. Henry is trying to rescue Lydia, in which that would be our two people would die so that Lydia could live. NO! Enid goes and finds the new lovebirds and talks some sense into the both of them. Good. Give Alpha what she wants so she could get off my damn lawn! Henry, just wait until Carol finds out about this.

Let Him Go

Now that Alpha has left, I can finally take a breath. The Hilltop is back to normal as everyone is reunited and happy, except for Henry but who cares? Just as I was finally starting to relax, a girl brings a note to Daryl. Guess who sneaked out during the night? Henry of course. In my opinion, Henry made his choice. Let him go! But Daryl decides to go find Henry. I get it, but I don’t like it. The kid is more trouble then he is worth. But he is Carol’s adopted son so I guess Daryl really has no choice. Connie for some reason is upset by Henry leaving as well and tells Daryl she is going with him. Probably not the best idea but that’s The Walking Dead for you. Buckle up everyone.

In Summation

I think it should be a requirement for each episode to include a thirty minute action scene where Carol is slaying zombies while banging a dope soundtrack. Alpha scares the hell out of me and that’s the tea. I am so glad we are not watching this show take on the plot of The Majestic. After Glenn Close lost another Oscar, I wouldn’t be surprised if she shaved her head and is standing outside Olivia Colman’s home demanding she return her trophy. Henry is annoying and I am in agony watching our characters have to constantly clean up his mess. Can Negan just join us already because we could use his talents right now. If Carol was at Hilltop, Alpha would be dead and we would be talking about the Game of Thrones right now.

Well that episode was a lot of fun. I love the suspense this season has been bringing each week. Next week looks pretty terrifying. This Whisperer with the beard will likely be in my nightmares. Apparently his name is Beta and like… I am scared. Let us all pray that Henry gets his life together next week so we don’t have to watch any more good characters die. Especially Carol and Daryl. They are extremely off limits.

Enjoy a preview of next weeks episode and I look forward to hearing from you all. Have a fabulous week.

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