What the Walking Dead: Bury Me Here

Hey all you people! Last night’s episode was good! Yes, some people died. But hey, sometimes people have to die on this show for good things to happen. So this episode, Richard came up with this not-so genius plan to direct The Kingdom into fighting with The Saviors. Richard hid one of the melons The Saviors wanted so it looked like Ezekiel’s Β people messed up. This resulted in Benjamin being shot and killed by The Saviors. Morgan started to lose his marbles until he found the lost melon where Richard had earlier created the road block that made Ezekiel’s troop late. At the next meeting, Richard started to get mouthy with The Saviors when Morgan officially lost his marbles. Morgan grabbed his stick and beat Richard to a pulp and then strangled him. Morgan made clear of Richards plans which sent a shock-wave through The Kingdom. This sinister turn of events broke down the Gates of Hell and Queen Carol emerged… ready to kick some ass.

The Fabulous

Yes!!! Carol is back everybody. I have been waiting for so long. With Carol back, we are going to start getting stuff done around here. I mean did you see her just walking to The Kingdom. She looked like Michonne with a machete. Also, I am happy to see Morgan coming out of his peaceful shell. I actually cheered on Morgan when he was beating up Richard. I loved this episode and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

The Tragic

What the hell kind of plan was that, Richard? I mean yeah it worked… kind of. But two people died, Jerry got hit, Morgan had these awful flashbacks from season 1, and blood got all over Carol’s new carpet. Other than the death, it was still a pretty good episode so I don’t have many negatives. I wish Richard didn’t have to die only because he was a good soldier and we are going to need good soldiers when Negan comes to town. How is there only three episodes left!? We have so much to do.

The Episode MVP

This weeks Episode MVP award goes to Morgan. The reason is simple… Morgan broke seasons worth of peace and tranquility in his heart to beat Richard’s ass… Well he killed him to be quite exact. But this crazy episode for Morgan released the beast that is Carol! So thank you Morgan. You finally did something right Morgan!! Stay on this path and we will all end up okay.

Well that’s it for this week guys. Only three more episodes! It went so fast! We have so much to get done in this season still. I really hope we don’t have to wait until next season for the final showdown against Negan. I am starting to think we will… Let’s not give up hope. Next week Rosita is going to make poor decisions so lets hope Jesus knocks some sense into her. See you all next week!

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