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The time has come! The season finale of The Walking Dead is here! There has been a lot of built up stress and tension in this season and last night… it finally exploded. Who is going to survive the finale? Who are we going to have to say goodbye too? Lets talk about it. Grab your tissues and your Xanax prescription because this finale was crazy!

So the finale started with a scene we have all been looking forward too! The return of Morgan! What what! Last time we saw him, he was straight up crazy. Now he is completely changed. Amazing. So Morgan is just chilling eating some soup and the creepiest guy comes up. What the hell. He has a gun of course because why would I ever have a chance to relax during this show. He is creepy looking! This conversation gets really shady real quick but Morgan isn’t having any of it. The creepy guy talks about this wolf thing and hunting and we figure out it is this group of creepy people carving W’s into the heads of Walkers… Then the creepy guys creepy friends comes out of the woods on the attack but Morgan goes full on Leeloo Dallas on them with a staff and its game over! Morgan is back baby!


Back in Alexandria, things are not gucci. Not at all. Rick is doing terrible. He has 100 bandages on his face and is just laying in bed. Michonne is kind of pissed at him because he had a gun and she just wants peace in her life at this point. Carol is pissed off because… well i’m not really sure how to explain. I guess she was just sad that she just didn’t get to kill anyone. She has a thirst for blood and I love it. Maggie finds out from Deanna that they are going to have a meeting at night to discuss if Rick is to be allowed to stay. SO that will be an interesting conversation I am sure (hide all of your sharp things…)

Glenn talks with Maggie about the meeting and see’s that creep who got Noah killed hop over the fence… So naturally Glenn follows him to see whats up. Glenn unknowingly is being led out so he can be attacked by that creep. Glenn gets shot in the shoulder! I almost threw up my chicken wing I was so scared. But Glenn disappears and goes into full recon stealth mode. As the night fell, Glenn snuck up on that guy and fought him. Lets just say Glenn lost his cool and this guy was a second away from death. But Glenn being the sweetheart that he is… he lets him live and drags his ass back to Alexandria so he can face Deanna’s punishment which we will have to wait until next season to see what happens.


Daryl and Aaron are out looking to get more people to join Alexandria. You know things have been pretty smooth for them so far but since its the finale, things will be changing. They track this guy with a red pancho but lose him near this warehouse with some containers outside of it. Aaron is basically like “hey food might be better than this dude with the pancho”… so they open the containers. Unfortunately the containers were filled with an army of the undead (surprise). Daryl and Aaron hide inside this car surrounded by Walkers. Daryl talks about sacrificing himself and its just too much. I cant even keep my nachos down at this point. Right as Daryl and Aaron are getting ready to fight an impossible fight, Morgan shows up killing zombies left and right! Daryl and Aaron get out of the car and escape with Morgan! Halleluyerrrr! Daryl lets Morgan know about Alexandria but he declines. But then Daryl notices Rick’s name on Morgans map and… its just beautiful.


Back at home Sasha is loosing her shit and laying in a hole with some executed Walkers… what else is new.

The priest is loosing his mind and leaving the walls. He goes out and kills a Walker and has another emotional breakdown. I can not wait for him to die at this point he is terrible. When he gets back, he is told to close the gate behind him. But instead of closing it… he keeps it open. Are you serious? Oh my god.

Carol threatens Pete in his own home with a knife pretty much for the hell of it. It was awesome… I love her so much oh my god.

Rick goes out for some fresh air before the meeting and notices the open gate. He goes from a broken 1 to 10 in a hot second and starts running to find these Walkers that got in. It quickly becomes night. Rick is still searching and runs into the Walkers outside of some house. He fights them off with his bare hands and kills all of them. Back at the meeting, things are getting heated. Most people want Rick to stay but Deanna is talking that talk trying to convince everyone. She brings up what the priest said previously. It’s not looking good. But then Rick walks up dragging a dead Walker and says the gate was open. The blame is immediately placed on the priest.

Meanwhile Sasha is beating the hell out of the priest because he said Sasha basically doesn’t deserve to live but Maggie stopped her.


People are finally starting to see that Rick has good intentions. Out of no where Pete comes walking up with Michonnes sword. Oh god…. He says Rick doesn’t belong here and everything just blurs together with panic. Deanna’s husband gets his throat slashed open from the sword and Abraham tackles Pete. It is so hard to watch. Deanna looks at Rick and tells him to “do it”. So… in our favorite form of Walking Dead execution, Rick walks up with his handgun pointing at Pete’s head and ends his casting contract. Just as Rick fires his gun, Daryl walks up with Morgan and Rick see’s him. There were no words. Just pure shock and happiness. Michonne is then shown putting her sword back on her mantle at home but then she stops herself and puts it in her sheath. No more games. Just badass.

Back at those containers, those Wolf guys are shown dragging the guy with the red pancho. They slit his throat and add him to the army of Walkers setting up the preview of what next season’s conflict will be.


That is it! That is the end of the season. Not so bad right! Yeah we lost some characters but we still have all of our favorites. This was by far one of the best shows of the season and maybe one of the best of all-time. It kept me on edge from beginning to end because we almost lost so many of our main characters. This season was overall really good! We started off in Terminus with Carol being a bad ass. We saw the reunion of Judith and Rick as well as Daryl and Carol! We found out Washington was actually a lie (Eugene you are next). We met Dawn and her team of “police” who were keeping Beth… which didn’t end well. We saw the end of the Terminus cannibals, thank god! Then we were introduced to Alexandria. This season we lost Beth, Tyreese, Bob, Noah and don’t ever forget our favorite horse…Buttons.

This was a great season and I am so happy I got to share it with all of you. This is the final What The Walking Dead until…well the show starts again in October! You best believe I will be there to talk you through all of those feels. But don’t fear! I am still your Senior Fashion Correspondent so look out for more fashion related talks and I would like to finally announce my next recapping journey. This May, take a trip with me to gothic London for the second season of Penny Deadful! Yessssss! One of my favorite shows and I am so excited! Thank you for following myself as well as Not Safe 4 Werk and I will see you all next season!

Team Carol Forever and Always

Senior Fashionista Correspondent, Spencer

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