What The Walking Dead: Do Not Send Us Astray

Hello everyone! Oh, how I have missed you all! I am so sorry about my disappearance. Unfortunately I was bit by a walker over down by the Los Angeles River. I had to get my arm amputated to avoid turning but I am feeling better than ever! Anyways, I am back to cover The Walking Dead and this show has been pretty crazy in my absence. Honestly last nights episode was really good so lets just get to it, shall we?

The Fabulous

This episode was tons of fun, from beginning to end. When I saw the Saviors pulling up to The Hilltop, I really couldn’t come up with a way that our group could get out of this. However we got a action packed episode that I actually felt a little nervous watching! Maggie’s tactics in protecting their home were probably on the same level we would see in Game of Thrones.  I was just really surprised. Daryl coming out of no where, the bus, Rick, the black out, and the car lights were all part of a really clever plan that were really impressive. Of course, none of the major players of The Saviors died, so this story will have to keep going. The house scene though, was terrifying. It didn’t really dawn to me what was happening until I saw Tobin die. Then it came to me and realized how screwed our characters are. Boy that was awful. I just don’t even understand how all of those people could sleep in that room together knowing the whole world wants to kill or eat them. All in all, this season has had so much more content that actually felt scary and I am so here for it. At the root of it, this show is still a zombie horror and it feels good to just emerge ourselves in that.

The Tragic

There were definitely a few moments during this episode where I just had to shake my head. First of all, why is Morgan seeing visions of Gavin everywhere? Perhaps he realized that whatever he does, people just end up dying. I do get it. But my problem with Morgan’s story right now is that it is so obviously being written to make him a basket-case so that he can be written out of this story and into Fear The Walking Dead. Morgan is the notorious crossover character which everyone is excited for. I am not one of those people. Morgan just has such a huge part in this story and it just feels dumb to let him go like this., especially after all he has been through. I just don’t feel like this story makes sense considering the amount of changes Morgan has mentally gone through. Why did that boy have to let all of the prisoners go? Just… why? Final issue of the night… how could no one hear the walkers in the house? A walker literally fell down the stairs and no one moved a muscle! What the hell people!

In Summation

If you ever get invited to a sleepover at the Hilltop, do not go. I am so glad that there is a surplus of bows and arrows in the zombie apocalypse. This episode should serve as a good reminder to always wash your hands after… well everything. Dwight is really confusing me right now. I knew Carol should have killed that little boy when she had the chance! Maggie, not saying I told you so… but I told you so. Here is a good idea. If you are sleeping during the zombie apocalypse…. perhaps sleeping with a weapon? I don’t know, just a thought.

Wow! It sure is great to be back. Last night’s episode was so good and I can’t wait until next week. Yes, I will be back next week so don’t you worry. As a token of my appreciation, enjoy this trailer for next week I got just for you! Enjoy.

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