What the Walking Dead: Honor

Oh my gosh,  we are back! I can’t even believe how fast that break went. Well, I hate to break it to you all but this episode was uh… well …not lighthearted. We knew it was coming but how do you really prepare for a character loss like Carl Grimes? I thought I would be pretty indifferent toward this episode but when the time came, I wept like a baby. Let’s just rip off this tragic band-aid and get through this episode, titled “Honor”. Onward!

The Fabulous

This was a good episode. Let’s appreciate the fact that all of the emotional stuff wasn’t just packed into the beginning. I honestly don’t think my heart could have taken any more. I am glad that we got to see Gavin die at the hand of that kid because I was getting nervous thinking that he might get away which is pretty common. Of course all of the Carol scenes were on point last night. If only Carol was a real-life person, she would be perfect as our president. In terms of Carl’s tragic death, this episode had some special moments scattered throughout the episode. I loved Daryl’s final moment with Carl, it felt very real and brought me a smile. Carl’s final moments with Rick were definitely very sad. It was very hard to watch considering many of us have grew up alongside this father-son duo.  For me however, the most sad part was between Michonne and Carl. That was the most real acting throughout this whole episode and moved me to tears. Michonne and Carl were amazing together and I am going to miss them so very much.

The Tragic

I want to be completely honest, I don’t believe this was the best episode. I felt like the cast wasn’t completely committed to this script and honestly I don’t think I was either. Everyone did amazing, especially Danai Gurira. However, I just feel like perhaps this story could have ended in a more satisfying way. Chandler Riggs literally grew up on this show and has been a huge part of mainstream television for many years now. I am not a screen writer so I really have no room to talk, and I don’t think the episode was awful. It just could have been a little more powerful. I had a light cry, but I found myself crying harder through other deaths. Lastly, what was with that final scene with Rick sitting on the hill? I think that must have been added in on accident, how embarrassing. I felt like I somehow was watching a crossover episode where Rick Grimes somehow stumbles upon the set of “A Wrinkle in Time” with Oprah Winfrey?

In Memoriam

Carl Grimes has been on this show since October 31st, 2010. What is there to say about a character you have been observing for the past eight years? I didn’t always agree with Carl’s choices. Hell, I even blamed Carl for a lot of the terrible situations we found ourselves in. However, Carl was always there grounded in the right. He always made his decisions with the well-being in mind. Even in the final moments of his life, Carl made the decision to spare his family even more tragedy by of ending his own life. I honestly believe that this show could not have been this successful without Carl’s story and for that, he will be missed terribly. Congratulations to Chandler for an unbelievable run and I wish him the most success going into his future projects.

Well I am short out of tissues. Sounds like I need a break. Don’t worry, I will of course be back next week! Check out this sneak peak of next week’s episode. I am excited to get back into this war. Even though it is incredibly stressful, I love watching the tension between Rick, Negan, and of course the elusive “Trash People” as I like to call them. It’s good to be back!

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