What The Walking Dead: Knots Untie

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If you are reading this, I am assuming you did not watch the Oscars last night? Well I am here to tell you, you did not miss much! The Walking Dead has become one big side quest from Fallout 4…. hopping front settlement to settlement and getting pretty messed up along the way. Let’s summarize this mess shall we.

So after Jesus awkwardly waking up a nude Richonne, Jesus convinces our people that he has a settlement that can form a bond and future trading agreements with. So our group gets in a R.V and they go visit. This town has large wooden walls and a really old home in the center of it. It’s actually a cute little homestead. We meet the leader named Gregory who turns out to be just another asshole. Basically Gregory, tells Rick he doesn’t want to help them. So as our group leaves some settlers return saying they have a message from Neegan. Next thing you know Gregory is being stabbed and Rick is fighting off random people. So we find out Neegan has been terrorizing this place and gets free things in return for not killing these settlers. In order to get free things, Rick’s group decides to kill Neegan in return for supplies. Oh, Maggie gets an Ultrasound. It’s a human…. Also Aberham is being really weird for who knows what.



The Fabulous

There wasn’t really much to be excited about this episode. I guess if I had to pick something, I guess that fact that Carl was okay with Richonne was pretty nice. Carl is literally like us, he just doesn’t care anymore and goes with the flow. Other than that, nothing much. The setting was certainly beautiful and I appreciated the landscape.


The Tragic

This episode was a large filler episode. I just don’t understand why we have to fit into this same mold every season. It starts off with everything being screwed up, then our group branches out and finds a new settlement. I would just like for once for our group to try riding it out for a little. I don’t know what it is. I still love the show to death but sometimes you just take a step back and shake your head. This season NEEDS some more Carol!


Episode MVP

The MVP award of this episode is going to go to… Carl. Why? Well Carl has gone through a lot of crap at this point in the game. I used to hate Carl, but he literally just deals with so much. I mean he just had his eye blown out and a week later Rick is having sex with Michonne. Don’t worry Carl, it’s going to be okay.


See you next week everybody! Hopefully we have something more to talk about.


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