What The Walking Dead: Omega

Hey there everybody! Welcome back to another episode of “What the Walking Dead”. In this weeks episode, titled “Omega” our heroes deal with the grim details of the new threat to the community, some missing people, and Henry making uncomfortable decisions. Let’s waste no time, shall we?

A Stroll Under the Moonlight

The show starts with Tara leading a group through the woods to find their missing friends. As expected, they find nothing but their horses all torn up. It appears that someone cut open the horses before they were all chewed up so we are suspecting some foul play. Other then that, no clues! So our group heads back, but the newbies understandably decide that they need to find their friend.

So Magna, Yumiko, Kelly, and Connie sneak out to go find their friend Luke. What do they find, nothing but trouble. One of the them almost get’s a chunk bit out of their shoulder by a Walker. So, they change their minds and head back while carefully being watched by a Whisperer in the shadows.

Mother of the Year

The majority of this episode is spent listening to Lydia try and describe what happened to her family. She spends a majority of the episode telling the story of how her family was stuck in this basement with other families at the beginning of the apocalypse. As a month went by, her father began to unravel and became severely abusive. Once the basement began to to descend into chaos, Lydia’s mother rescued her and has been protecting her ever since.

Sounds like a pretty okay story if you are hoping the Whisperers are good people right? NOPE! After wasting almost an hours worth of episode air-time telling us this story, she realizes it’s not true and that it was really quite the opposite. Lydia’s father was a good man and tried to rescue Lydia during the chaotic end of the basement life, but Lydia’s mom actually became an abusive, crazy person and killed Lydia’s father. Years later, Alpha still protects Lydia but Lydia shows fresh scars of abuse.

Knock-Knock, Who’s There?

After finishing up the very long flashbacks and watching Henry and Lydia eat worms (please stop), reality strikes on the residents of Hilltop. Alpha appears with a horde of Whisperers at the gates of the Hilltop. I won’t lie, I gave a small scream because these people don’t look like they are here to play. But also, after everything we’ve been through… are they really the scariest villains we have ever encountered if they are just standing at the gates. Grab a gun and finish them off right here, right now! That is the episode. This scene will continue next week.

In Summation

I’m sorry Luke, but your musical talents are not that worth it. Don’t expect any night-time search parties under my leadership. The real acting talent was not seen in this episode, but actually in me as I tried to act like I was actually interested in Lydia’s backstory. Present-day Alpha gives me the serious creeps. The true horror moment of this episode was watching Henry and Lydia eat worms. Henry, if you end up letting Lydia escape due to romance, I am going to punch. She wears zombie masks and eats worms.

Well, this episode was one huge teaser. I am sorry kids. Luckily, we have something to look forward to next week. I just want to see how this conflict plays out! Who cares about Lydia or Alpha’s back story. Get to the shooting. Alright, well let’s do this again next week, okay? Enjoy a sneak peak of the episode below.

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