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Hey friends! I hope you are ready to cry some more, because this week’s episode of The Walking Dead intense! I am sure you have all been curious about those funny looking scars found on Michonne and Daryl. Well, the recent episode “Scars” gives us some insight on the terrifying ordeal that changed things forever. Let’s get into it! If you missed last week’s episode, please follow this link now.

Damn Kids, Get Off My Lawn!

If I could recap this entire episode with just one sentence, it would go just like this. Danai Gurira is a incredibly talented human being, and gave one of the best performances this show has ever seen. I mean really, Danai dominated this episode and I know anyone who stars in or works on this show would agree with me. Danai is amazing and it’s no wonder she plans on making next season her last. She has the potential to dominate the industry as we know it.

The story-line of this episode intertwines the days after Rick’s disappearance and the present situation infiltrated by the Whisperers. We have seen signs of a past trauma including Michonne’s physical and metaphorical walls keeping Alexandria from the outside world. Most of all, viewers have noticed the mysterious scars on both Michonne and Daryl’s back. This episode dedicates the entire time to answering many of our questions.

Some time after Rick disappeared, a small group arrived at the gates of Alexandria. One of the people ended up being one of Michonne’s old friends from high school, Jocelyn. The very pregnant Michonne lets down her guard and brings in Jocelyn and even goes with her to bring her group of children she has been protecting back to Alexandria. Everything seems great until one morning, Michonne and the Alexandria parents go to pick their kids up from a sleepover and find them all missing. A dead body is found, and Michonne’s nightmare begins.

Michonne and Daryl set out immediately to find the kids. Along the way Michonne and Daryl have a incredible heart-to-heart moment showing how connected these two characters have been to each other and the group as a whole. Our two heroes track down Jocelyn’s group but are then trapped and bound by Jocelyn’s suddenly Children of the Corn reminiscent group of kids. Jocelyn states that only the strong survive, and she is making these kids strong. The kids are tasked with branding our heroes with a very hot iron which explains the scars we see in the present. Without showing how, Daryl and Michonne escape. A fight breaks out with kids trying to stab Michonne and Daryl. Michonne does everything she can to avoid critically injuring the kids.

Then the final stand off comes, Jocelyn and a small army of kids stand between Michonne and the Alexandria children. Michonne kills Jocelyn very quickly though you can tell it was not easy. But then the kids start running toward Michonne and even stab at her pregnant belly. In my opinion, Michonne made the only choice she had. She protected herself. The show does not physically show it but Michonne emotionally cuts through each of the assaulting kids. With that, Michonne and Daryl accomplish their mission and return the missing kids back to Alexandria – including Judith.

In Summation

Danai Gurira is a f***ing legend and deserves all of the awards. Uncle Negan is that cool uncle in prison who used to give you illegal fireworks as a kid. Uncle Daryl is that other cool uncle who gives you bad-ass advice when your mom isn’t looking. This Children of the Corn reboot was unexpected yet super scary. I should have that an episode with this many kids would end in disaster. It always does! I pray that one day we will see a Rick and Michonne reunion, as I don’t think I will be ever to feel peace now until I do.

Well, that episode was quite emotional. I am super exhausted from all of that. There are only two more episodes left this season. I can’t even believe. I don’t want it to end! Don’t worry, I will stick with you. No one should have to go through this pain alone. I’ll see you next week at the long awaited fair held at the Kingdom! Let’s hope Alpha RSVP’ed NO for this party.

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