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Hello friends! I am so happy to finally be back with you all to talk about the TENTH season of The Walking Dead! The first three episodes of this season have been explosive to say the least. It started off with a bang… Okay I am burnt out of Russian satellite puns but you get the point. Today we are going to do a brief overview of the first three episodes, then get back to our regularly scheduled weekly recaps next week! Shall we begin?

Lines We Cross – Episode 1

Well, it’s been months since that freak winter storm and our crew seems to be thriving! No Whisperers, no worries. The majority of our heroes are training at Oceanside, but this looks more like vacation if you ask me. Hell, it even sounds like Carol had time to take a seven-day cruise through the Caribbean to distract herself from her serious rage! Good for you Carol, you fucking deserve it.

The reunions as always were happy and sweet. It’s always nice to see our characters get together after a long break. No, I am not just referring to Carol and Daryl… Okay, yes I am talking about Carol and Daryl. They had such a sweet moment and talked about running away together! YES! AMC, you have my endorsement in making a Carol and Daryl spin-off where they grab a bike and travel the zombie U.S.

But like every day in this apocalypse, things always go wrong. A random Russian satellite crashes through the atmosphere and straight into the Oceanside / Whisperer border. Our heroes fight through a stressful night of putting out fires so that Oceanside doesn’t burn down with the satellite. We have already overstayed our welcome at this point in Whisperer territory but of course my main girl Carol has to take a little hike with Daryl. Who does she run into, well a very cranky Alpha of course. Way to go everyone.

We Are The End Of The World – Episode 2

I love a good origin story this time of year! Ever wondered how Alpha and Beta became besties? Well look no further, this episode explains it for you! The answer, well they ran into each other in a dark mental health facility and the rest is history… kind of. Alpha and Lydia are moving from place to place covered in zombie guts. One interesting moment in their run is watching a random lady get her face literally chewed off. It’s not relevant to the story but it has stuck with me for all these days.

Alpha and Lydia hide within the creepy facility to escape from some walkers and they run into a creepy looking Beta. His face is covered with a ski mask for some reason, wielding a blunt weapon. Alpha and Beta become friends over the wonderful bonding experience of smashing up some Walkers. Lydia decides to boss up at some point and wander around the dark facility with really no real goal. This action somehow opens up a dark room with some Walkers. Somehow, we learn Beta’s best friend is a walker and was being held inside one of these room’s. Naturally Alpha kills the walker and makes Beta upset. But with her best Alpha charm, she turns this into a good thing and Beta agrees to walk alongside Alpha and Lydia.

We jump in and out of the current time period to watch Alpha battle with herself in what she considers a weakness, missing her daughter Lydia. Meanwhile Beta is training some of the new recruits which ends up in a Whisperer death and the introduction of a new lieutenant, Gamma. We then catch up to the moment where Alpha catches a glimpse of Carol frolicking in the woods after the satellite fire.

Ghosts – Episode 3

Our group is tired. Like, they are TIRED. Waves of Walkers are marching up to Alexandria. So the community is staying up day and night trying to keep back the Walkers. Carol is doing even worse due to some pills she is taking to stay awake. In short, everyone is cranky right now.

Alpha sends Gamma to summon the leaders to the border for a talk. This talk was so full of tension, I needed a drink before and after and I would not judge you if you did the same. Alpha is pissed because not only did she Carol on their land a few days ago, but apparently she caught our team wandering around two other times! Damn it guys, you had one job! Carol is basically tired as hell, hyped up on pills and Mountain Dew, so she grabs her gun and tries to shoot Alpha after some harsh words about her son. Someone stops her unfortunately. Ehhh, how awkward. Instead of fighting back, Alpha grabs the border fence and congratulates our team on losing more land.

The night gets worse as Carol continues to pop more pills. The hallucinations are everywhere! I don’t even know what was real at some point. However, Carol being struck up by her feet and shooting a Whisperer looked pretty real to me. Either way, Carol seems to barely know what is going on at this point so we wont really know until next episode I guess.

Back at home, the Negan redemption tour continues as he tries to aid Aaron in fighting back some Walkers. Aaron is not having it and continues to throw all sorts of shade at Negan. Yet, Aaron gets himself hurt and Negan is there to help him. More on this later, but give Negan a chance! Killing Glenn and Abraham was sooo two years ago!

In Summation

Carol becoming a pirate is not something I saw coming, but definitely something I needed. I want to just pretend this is the end of the show and Carol and Daryl just ride off happily into the sunset. Is there anything out there that the Russians won’t interfere with! I wish every episode took place at the beach.

I don’t think I will ever get over watching that lady get her nose chewed off. Beta is even scary with a beanie over his head! What is with these characters and dragging around their zombie loved ones? Wow, that little girl from Hocus Pocus survived the initial happening of the zombie apocalypse. Good for her!

Carol is high as fuck, because there is no way she would have messed up that shot any other time. What is happening ? What is real anymore? Eugene, stop trying to make Rosita happen. It’s *clap* not *clap* going *clap* to *clap* happen *clap* ! Why are we still keeping Negan on a leash? I would have game him his baseball bat and told him to go have fun months ago!

Well, we are back and in full swing! I can’t wait for this season. It looks like it’s going to be a fun one. Let me know what you thought of the first three episodes in the comments. See you next week!

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