What the Walking Dead: Something They Need

Hey friends. I am glad to see you are all still surviving. The apocalypse has been rough. I realize I am a few days late, but honestly I just had to take a moment after this episode because WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING! Okay sorry, I know I have a short temper but Rick’s group is just so reckless sometimes. This episode had two story lines to follow. We got to watch Sasha sit in a cell at the Saviors home. Negan basically tells her how he admires her and wants her to use her talents as a part of his side. Meanwhile, Tara breaks her promise and leads Rick and friends to Oceanside. Did it go well? Well if you consider explosions, stand-offs, and walkers going well then sure. Let’s talk about it.

The Fabulous

The only thing I was okay with during this episode is that we actually got to revisit the Oceanside story. One thing that has made this season so successful is the unique groups in the area under Negan’s control. Oceanside is definitely one of the cooler settlements. I also love the all-female cast Oceanside is known for. Too bad Oceanside is getting the short end of the stick. But we will talk about that when we talk about the tragic parts of this episode.

The Tragic

I want to start off real quick by saying I could care less about Sasha’s predicament right now. Like you got yourself in this mess and we do not have time to get you out. Sorry Sasha, but you better get close to Negan because no one is coming to get you. Okay… Oceanside…. Tara you think the best way to win someones cooperation is with a gun held to their head? Rick, is bombing their land to get attention a good idea? The answer is “not in the slightest”. Let’s be real, it was good episode but I think this Oceanside visit was inappropriate. The bombs were wasted and just made things worse. Rick still got the guns after the people of Oceanside cowered away. I really hope before next weeks episode we get to see this whole plan carried out together with the settlements.

The Episode MVP

This weeks Episode MVP award goes to the lovely Natania. Though she is dumb for not joining Rick in the fight against Negan. But she did stand up to Tara and even got a gun on her. Hopefully aside from her anxiety attacks she will be able to become a true leader again. You go girl!

Well that’s it for us folks. Next weekend is the SEASON FINALE! How is it here so soon. I have no close how this season ends but I have a feeling I am going to die with all of this stress. Until then, all we can do is wait. Have a great weekend everyone!

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