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Hello fans! I know you are all just dying to talk about The Walking Dead…and I mean that literally…everyone is DYING! Lets get into this bloody episode!

So Glenn, Tara, Noah aka Chris Rock, and Mullet-Man and two Alexandria natives go on a run to find some computer chippy thing. This already has hot mess written all over it. At the same time, the ginger man and a bunch of Alexandria natives are at a construction site gathering materials to build a wall. Daryl went out to go find more people. A lot of our people are out. Rick is just skulking around waiting for something to pop off and the only fun thing he came across was the hot girl from American Horror Story and a broken owl statue. What? Also the little boy is still annoying Carol about these damn cookies even after she threatened to end his life. This place is too weird.


Team Glenn made it to the warehouse and they found the computer chippy thingy! Great job guys ! This was way too easy. Oh wait here comes a walker… Shoot him. Oh wait he…GRENADE. Boom. Let the show begin.  In a matter of five minutes, there was blood, guts, and disappointment everywhere. Tara is unconscious, Eugene still has a mullet, one of the Alexandrian’s is nailed against a shelf thing via metal rods, and everyone else is just wishing they were at home watching The Golden Girls… Eugene takes Tara into some room and cries about how useless he is while Glenn and the other Alexandrian try to help the guy off of these rods. The Alexandrian takes off running and Glenn has to leave him. So we got to watch some poor man get torn apart… oh dear. Glenn and Noah run after this guy and fight off walkers. They get stuck in a rotating door and Glenn tries to make up some plan to get them out of this.. But the same Alexandrian that took off running screwed up and Noah was dragged away. Just like that, Glenn was forced to watch Noah die… It was easily one of the worst deaths. Absolutely terrible. As my girlfriend mentioned to me earlier, “Everybody Ate Chris”…..HAH… Too soon? Eugene pulls up in a car blasting EDM and rescues Glenn… Oh my god.


Abraham and his crew get attacked and nothing out of the usual happens. No one dies except a ton of walkers. But this group realizes Abraham knows what he is doing so they put him in charge.

Carol figures out that the husband to the hot girl from American Horror Story and annoying Cookie Boy is actually hitting his wife and possibly his child. So…all I can say is you mess with the Carol…you get the knife, and the gasoline, and bullet to the head, and probably a firework or two….and the wrath of Rick. So have fun with that sir!

Then my dear friend…Gabriel the Priest. The character I TOLD ALL OF YOU is useless and up to no good, now look where we are. He is telling the nice congress lady not to trust Rick as Glenn pulls up with some great news about what happened at the warehouse. Gabriel. I hope you die a terrible death. I hope Carol gets a hold of you… You don’t want Carol to get a hold of you.


So… I give it about another two hours before our people are back on the streets. So thank you father…. lets all pray that Rick keeps his shit together and doesn’t blow up every single house because of this one guy hitting his wife… Rick and Carol tend to blow things out of proportion. Literally.

Now I am sad to say but we lost a main character and it is time I say a few words for out dear Chris Ro…Noah…

Noah, In the beginning we all wanted to kill you…

But your dreams for a better world kept you from giving up…

Beth gave her life for you to live yours…. and….oh dear…. 



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