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Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of “What the Walking Dead“! I am your host, Spencer Williams, and I am not infected! This weeks episode was absolutely wild and so much more fun then last week’s episode. If you missed last week’s episode, you can check it out here and catch up. We have so much to talk about so let’s get right to it, shall we? Now presenting episode 2, The Bridge.

It Takes a Village

The majority of screen time this season had had a lot to do with this bridge that is being built. The bridge is so important because it is supposed to help serve the main trade route for all of the communities. My first concern feels pretty obvious, how do any of these people know how to build a bridge? I am being told not to look to far into it, but whatever! The problem with this bridge construction is that the majority of the work-force is built of The Saviors. As we all know, The Saviors do not love being told what to do by Rick. A fight ensues between Daryl and Justin and I am just hoping Daryl kills him. This guy is such a fucking jerk! No offense to Zach McGowan, but I didn’t like his character in Shameless, and don’t like his character now. Beat his ass Daryl!

A Log of Problems

You know, we haven’t seen a large walker attack in quite a while? Oh wait, never-mind they are back. Things were going a little too well for our survivors. Rick laid out a plan in which they would distract the herds of walkers and take them in another direction. However someone drops the ball and the walkers ascend onto Daryl and his crew at the lumber site. When the walkers appear, people start freaking out and a log falls on top of Aaron’s arm! This scene is chaos! I will say though I really loved this scene especially once Rick and reinforcements showed. What an awesome fight scene! They almost made the zombie apocalypse look kind of fun really.

Emergency Surgery

Be right back, I need to go throw up. The arm amputation scene was pretty wild. This was definitely one of the more gruesome scenes The Walking Dead has ever done. I mean really, the sound effects and the bone showing underneath his mangled skin. I don’t feel so good. Props to Enid for pulling through and actually performing the amputation, especially for being in training. If it were up to me, I would have removed his arm and we would have both died! One word of advice though for Enid. If you want your patient to stay calm… try not to read out of the textbook in front of them when you are about to amputate!

The Great Maggie

Maggie has really had to step up this season and I love it. Honestly, I would trust Maggie as my leader because she really has a strong head on her shoulders. Maggie was right to hang Gregory. He had tons of chances and blew all of them. I totally understand her struggle though with keeping this man behind bars though. I mean he tried to assassinate her, how can she just just let him go? However once he brought up his previous struggles with alcohol, I knew she was going to have a change of heart. Her father Herschel will always have a strong impact on all of the main characters and this was strong example of that. Maggie decides to release him under supervision and provide supplies to The Saviors.

Something is in the Water?

Everyone is falling in love out here. Carol and Ezekiel are now officially engaged… I guess? I am not happy about this as that should be Daryl giving her the ring. Am I asking for too much here? I have been watching this show since 2010, the least this show can give me is a kiss between Carol and Daryl. Aside from those two, people are really talking about the new hit couple, Gabriel and Anne. I know what you are thinking. Who is Anne. Well if you remember, Anne is actually the real name for Jadis, the former leader of The Scavengers. Or as I used to call her,  Knock-Off Milla Jovovich which I would like to take back because Anne really turned into a bad-ass in her own right last season. This relationship between Gabriel and Anne is really unexpected, but hey I can dig it. But something seems to be in the works here. Conveniently after I felt like Anne was started to settle in here, Anne noticed a helicopter in the distant night sky while she was on watch. Hmmm, I wonder what this all means?

At the same time, we find out that Justin was the one who dropped the ball on not signaling the second siren. I knew it, that guy is terrible! After Rick kicks him out, Justin is strolling through the woods. He appears to be kidnapped somehow? If I were to guess, I would say I feel an Anti-Rick plot is slowly taking shape through some sort of Negan inspired secret society. All we can do now is wait and see!

In Summation

Every time this show starts with such peace, I just pray the camera will just show everyone waking up in cheerful moods while that peaceful “Morning Mood” song plays. This bridge project feels a little adventurous if you ask me. So I guess Henry is the new Water Boy. “My Mama says that alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush!” There is something so romantic about watching Daryl beat the hell out of our enemies. Oh jeez, that bacon cheeseburger I had for breakfast is coming up after watching that amputation. I know this drama is pretty serious, but taking out those walkers in the lumber yard looked kind of fun. Wouldn’t it be funny if Gabriel got his sight back and freaked out because he realized he was dating the trash lady who now goes by Anne? Oh look another helicopter, it’s probably just Cher looking down upon all of these miserable survivors while she lives like the the rightful Queen of the World.

Well that is it for this week! Okay, I am energized and ready for this show. The first episode was a little slow for me but this second episode really woke me up. Let’s do this thing. Enjoy a preview of next week’s episode and I will see you all later this week for the next episode of American Horror Story!

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