What The Walking Dead: The Distance

7-CarylGood day computer zombies! Welcome back to another week of “What The Walking Dead”! This episode was so good…that I had to take a few days to get my emotions together! So lets get into it!

So this whole episode was circled around some random weirdo that came across some of our girls. They brought the random weirdo to Rick and Rick had his usual crap-attack. After minutes of abuse and lots of questions we decide to find out if this random guy has a legit colony to live with and a random friend somewhere out there. I don’t know, just Rick’s emotions were everywhere and It was just intense. Plus why aren’t we talking to grand master Carol. She has all of the wisdom…


After a uncomfortable scene where Rick tries to decide if
Judith should eat the random mans applesauce, they decide to drive to the random shady man’s colony. They begin driving and of course they run into a flock of Walkers and clog the wheels with body parts. Typical. At this point in the game I don’t understand why our people just rollerblade to safety. It seems like a good idea right? Okay maybe not.


So the walkers attack our people and randomly a flare goes up. The random weirdo gets out and runs and at this point I need like 12 Xanax’s… There is lots of scattering and shooting. It’s just a big mess.

Next thing you know our people are in some warehouse and everyone is safe surprisingly. But then some life-changing tv happens… Our random weirdo and his friend meet up and SURPRISE….GAY KISS. Was not expecting that, were you AMC… The idea of equality is even showing up in the zombie apocalypse…. Amazing. Now we can have the Supreme Court watch The Walking dead this year before their big decision.

gay kiss

So at the end of this episode… all we can say is love is so real. Whether you are Black, White, Gay, Straight, or a Walker with a flare in your eye. There are plenty of creepy weirdos with random things of Applesauce in the deep blue sea… you just got to keep on swimming. See you next week lovers and don’t forget to send me your erotic zombie Walking Dead fan fictions!

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