What the Walking Dead: The King, The Widow, and Rick

Hello friends! Welcome back to another edition of What the Walking Dead. I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I think I did but honestly I’ve been in a food coma since last Tuesday so I don’t really recall. This episode focused on the pace of life of our main characters as they return from their harsh battles to prepare for their possible final confrontation with Negan. Though the idea of it sounds kind of lame, it was actually pretty good! So lets talk about it shall we?

The Good

So this episode definitely did have some good points that are worth mentioning. I loved the scene where Rick visits Milla Jovovich Look-Alike and the Trash People. Their group is just so fascinating with their look, the way they talk, and their pure mysterious bad-assery. Plus, they stripped Rick down to his underroos and put him in a box. You are welcome! I know they might be bad guys, but I really hope the Trash People stick around for a while. As always, Carol turned this episode out as well. Every scene that includes Carol, really stands out. I wont lie, I did tear up a little when Carol had to convince Ezekiel to continue being the King. It just made me think about everything Carol has had to go through and she still continues to stand at the front line. Just… you rock Carol. Lastly, I loved what Maggie ended up doing with all of those Saviors prisoners and Gregory. I thought for a second we were lost in this situation but leave it to Maggie to figure out the best move. Great choice!

The Bad

I don’t really understand why Michonne and Rosita were out in the first place? That part of the story just kind of felt a little stretched too thin. Then the Savior happens to be killed by Daryl who just happened to be there. Something doesn’t seem right? Though it seemed out of place, the scene itself wasn’t a bad scene it just felt out of place. Rosita could have used any gun… but instead had to use a freaking RPG on that one guy. She literally reduced that Savior to ash faster than a martian in “Mars Attacks”. The Carl scene kind of felt like a bit of a fail as well. It just felt like Carl forgot how to fight all of a sudden. Come on Carl. But I am glad this poor character is being brought into Alexandria. Final question. Why are some of The Trash People just randomly naked? It’s not a problem… in fact I encourage it! It just made me scratch my head.

Episode MVP

This weeks Episode MVP award seems pretty obvious to me. Carol has never disappointed me and this week she continues the streak. Carol is the ultimate hero and honestly I think Marvel should consider writing in Carol for the new Avengers: Infinity War movie. Why have a Black Widow, when you could have a Carol?

In Summation

The messy mailing system our heroes are using seems to be well on it’s way to destroying the DNC. I feel like every other episode, someone dumps a baby on Maggie. I am guessing Uber prices are surged during the zombie apocalypse because Rick has been walking for basically ever. For Christmas, I would like a “Jadis in Sexy Apron” calendar for 2018. Rather then putting these Savior prisoners in that chicken coop, we should be lining them up Daenerys Targaryen style and torch them. Burn them all! I think the first rule to zombie survival is to avoid any creepy classical music coming from abandoned warehouses. Umm… almost naked Rick Grimes alert! King Ezekiel will be fine… just get him a Lime-A-Rita and some beef jerky and he will be better than ever.

Well that was fun. I will say I had no idea we will be getting some slight nudity. What a gift! All in all, this was a great episode and I am looking forward to see what comes next. Thank you all for being here. As a gift, please enjoy a sneak peek into next weeks episode of The Walking Dead. Have a fabulous week everyone!

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