What The Walking Dead: The Obliged

Oh wow, what an episode. Hello friends and welcome back to another edition of “What the Walking Dead”. This week’s episode was little over an hour of chaos and anxiety. I am all caught up in my feelings, so let’s talk about this mess shall we? If you missed last week’s recap, please follow this link now!

Camp Carol

After a very emotional moment with Rick, Carol announces her decision to pull her people back home. The bridge project is over. I really loved this scene between Rick and Carol because it really showed how powerful their relationship was. Rick and Carol have really been together through everything this show has thrown at us. As Carol’s crew begins to pack up and leave, a bunch of Saviors show up demanding their guns. As Carol starts to back off, she pulls another ninja move and takes him down which starts a chain of gunfire. The camera pans away and all we hear is gunfire. YO, if anything happens to Carol I swear I am done with this show. Carol had my whole heart and continues to be my motivation for watching this show. If Carol does, we riot. PERIOD.

Happily Ever After

Father Gabriel wakes up in a rather peculiar situation. Surrounded by the junkyard, Gabriel realizes he is strapped to board. As he looks up, he sees Jadis holding another one of her nasty looking Walker creations. As a sacrifice for her secret project, she begins to lower her creation onto Gabriel. However, Gabriel appeals to the Anne side of Jadis, and convinces her to stop. Later Gabriel wakes up again in a storage unit and Jadis is gone. I doubt we will see Pollyanna McIntosh’s character again until the second part of the season but I really hope it is soon. I love Jadis. Yeah she might be partially evil, but her fashion game is fire and she has an interesting way of surviving. I just love all her scenes so I am looking forward to seeing how this plot plays out.

The Widow is Coming

Maggie is basically on the way to Alexandria to kick Negan’s ass for good. To no one’s surprise, she has the support of a large grass-roots movement across all of the camps. This has basically cleared the way for Maggie to head straight up to Alexandria. Honestly, this isn’t going to end well. If it were to guess, someone is going to screw up and Negan is going free. Another thought I am having is, if Hershel was still alive… would he want Maggie to execute Negan? I think we can all agree, that the answer would clearly be a no.

Night Terrors

Michonne is not a very good sleeper. She spends her days taking care of Judith, defusing fights between tomato farmers, and other household chores. She has kind of become the assistant mayor or something. After tossing and turning every night, she gets out of bed and heads into the woods and basically chops up Walkers until she feels satisfied. Perhaps she should consider milk before bed? When Negan decides to go on a hunger strike, Michonne is forced to sit beside his cell and talk with him until he eats. Throughout the episode we watch Negan try to get inside Michonne’s head. His goal is really to make Michonne believe that they are alike and possibly release him? Honestly, I am trying to see how there would be any similarities. I guess they are in fact similar with the “being trapped” metaphor as Michonne clearly wants to be a part of the fight and Negan is literally in a cell. But other than that, Michonne has always fought for the sake of others, and Negan has always fought for himself. That is the difference. Let’s see how this plays out.

The Fall of Rick Grimes

The main plot of this episode was focused around Rick Grimes. As we all know, this is the episode that is setting up Rick’s finale episode next week so it was bound to be emotional. Rick is pretty disappointed as he realizes that his vision for the future is moving further and further away from reality. The bridge project is basically a wash, literally. When Rick gets word of Maggie heading to Alexandria, Rick begins heading home immediately. Daryl kindly offers Rick a ride on his motorcycle and they are off. After a missed turn, Rick starts to realize what is happening and gets off his ride. The two brothers from another mother begin to fight and fall into a pretty deep sinkhole. Rick and Daryl have a very heated argument which really turned into one of my favorite scenes. Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus did fantastic work in this scene as they really showed the level of love and respect between the two characters, even though they are in a serious disagreement. Daryl says to Rick, “I would die for you”. My heart is so full and broken right now.

Once the gunfight at Camp Carol begins, a very large herd of Walkers is drawn in and start falling into the hole. Rick and Daryl scramble to climb out of the hole. It was close, but they made it out. Daryl gets on his bike and tells Rick to come with him, while Rick says he must lead the herd away. They have an emotional goodbye and go their separate ways. OH GOD, please do not let this be their last conversation or I quit. Rick begins to lead the herd away but runs into another very large herd. As I watch this scene I realize there is a lot of parallel between this episode and the very first episode of the show. Rick moves through the streets on a white horse and runs into a large herd just like episode one. The herd of Walkers scare the horse Rick is on and he falls off and lands on a stake. Rick is impaled, and it doesn’t look good. That is where we leave off. Now that, is an evil cliff hanger. I am not okay right now.

That episode was insane and dare I say, one of the best. This season has really delivered a finale like episode for every episode of this season so far. Honestly, I don’t know what is going to happen next week but I do know it’s going to be emotional. Rick Grimes has been a part of my life for what, 9-10 years now? I feel like we are saying goodbye to a family member. I am already feeling emotional. Well, take a deep breath. Next week, we shall get through this together. Be kind to each other friends and always forget to double tap your zombie adversaries. Enjoy a preview of next week’s episode.

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