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Hey all of you disturbed, Walking Dead fans! Welcome back to another tragic week in The Walking Dead. Do you ever take the time to consider how much more stressful this show makes our lives? Many apologies for this edition being a bit on the short side, but hey… if you move too fast in life you end up losing… isn’t that right T-Dog?

So this week was stressful yet again. First I would like to take a moment to say “SASHA…GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER”. She has been losing it more and more as the episodes gone on. Running around in the forest by yourself is not going to make anything better I can promise you that… Michonne and Rosita had to go out looking for her and it was just such a waste of valuable time and xanax pills. Oh and….Michonne… what is with the outfit girl…


Carl and some random girl are frolicking through the woods like Hansel and Gretel.. until of course we are reminded why we have giant walls built Alexandria! Imbeciles. This Twilight romance got even more uncomfortable once they decided to hide in this hallowed out tree. No they did not make out. Wouldn’t that be a fun twist to the story. Carl being a father… Ohhhhhh. I am going to have to email someone about that. Then his girlfriend can die in childbirth like his mother. Emmy.


Now back to the hot mess inside of Alexandria… The congresswomen  is being really shady. Like shady to the point where she declined Carol’s pasta. Oh hell no… Rick eventually confronts her about that man hitting Frances Conroy’s hot alter ego and possibly his son. But she is shady about that too kind of making it clear that he is to leave it alone and that no one is to be harmed/killed. Ha. Okay… you are talking to the man who ate some mans throat after he looked at Carl. Rick visits Frances Conroy….wait oh my this is weird. Maybe she is only hot in Rick’s eyes because she is still dead like in Murder house… To many story lines Anyways Rick visits the wife to tell her to give Rick permission to fix this domestic abuse situation. Of course the husband walks in and well… things go south very fast. Next thing you know people are being thrown out of the window and rolling around in the streets. This turns into a street brawl. Everyone gathers around but the congresswomen breaks it up. She is really pissed of at Rick which is getting me irritated. But then the Rick temper switch flipped in the wrong direction… You know the direction. Shall we revisit the scene again where Rick eat that guys throat? Out of no where, Rick pulls out a gun and starts telling everyone how weak they are or something and just….Rick this is a good time to just shhhh a little… Luckily Michonne walks by and knocks him out. I don’t know if it was the right thing to do but I do think if it would have went on a little bit longer someone would have been killed…


So next week is the finale…and all I can say is its not going to be pretty. I don’t know how or what… but someone is going to die. Several people. But as long as Carol is okay… I am okay… Ugh and Daryl. Maggie. Rick. Glenn. Michonne. Oh boy I hate season finales… I am stressed out already. See you next week hopefully. Don’t be scared!

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