What the Walking Dead: Warning Signs

Hey there all of my Walking Dead ghouls and gals! Welcome back for another edition of “What the Walking Dead“. Here we are three episodes into the season, and I already feel so incredibly anxious. This is madness! Who can we trust? Honestly, I think it’s time Carol becomes the new leader. She can’t do anything wrong. If you missed last week’s of The Walking Dead, follow this link to my previous recap. Alright, let’s open this wound and recap this week’s episode, “Warning Signs“.

A Happy Montage

Well this episode really started off a happy note. Rick is kind of having the time of his life at the moment. He leaves his comfy bed with Michonne, goes on a morning walk, visits a grave (I am assuming Carl but I am not sure), and heads back to his house. The only thing that could make this morning better is if Rick picked up a caramel frappucino from his local Alexandria Starbucks. Rick and Michonne even decide that they are ready to have a child together. But don’t get too excited, we find out at the end of this episode that Andrew Lincoln only has two more episodes with this show! What the f***?!? I thought I was prepared for Rick exiting this show, but now that I have seen him so happy with the fact that he only has two more episodes left… I am a mess!

Trouble in Paradise

So to no one’s surprise, Rick’s period of peace between all of the communities has come to an end. Saviors are starting to go missing, and no one is fessing up. After Justin turns up dead, there is a pretty serious square off between The Saviors and well, everyone else. Rick breaks it up and orders everyone gets back to work and secure the area. Maggie and Cyndie come across a creepy full of walkers. After a little zombie showdown, our survivors regroup and spread out after someone went quiet on the radio. I can’t take this suspense. At this point in the episode, I didn’t know who to trust. It could literally be anyone killing Saviors.

Trading People

I am pretty excited about this segment. Anne has officially revealed that her alter-ego, Jadis, has not gone away. Gabriel followed Anne as she ventured to her old home in the junkyard. We find out that Jadis has a hidden walkie-talkie and is able to contact whoever was in that helicopter last episode. I can’t even explain what it is that they talked about because it is so secretive. Perhaps the difference between an A or a B has to do with status within a civilization. To make a guess, I would say Rick is an A, while one of those dead Saviors would be considered a B? Who knows, but this is a freaking awesome plot. Oh, also Anne and Gabriel are officially broken up. More details to come next week.

Secret Murder Club

Daryl and Maggie are paired together to find out who is murdering Saviors. Daryl is pretty talented at tracking the nonsense as we all know so of course Daryl finds the culprits. It’s the crew from Oceanside! Gosh, I did not see this coming. But like, I am not at all surprised. The Saviors killed basically everyone from the Oceanside  community so obviously something had to give at some point. Now Daryl and Maggie have a choice, to decide whether to save this Savior girl (who has really done what she could to turn things around) or to let her die. After a very intense exchange, Maggie turns her back and lets the girl be executed. I am not sure if this was the right choice or not? I really saw this girl trying to repair things between the communities. What would you have done? Either way, this choice is definitely going to inspire the rest of the season. Maggie’s moral compass is spinning all over the place and it’s time she makes things right with Negan. Maggie knows these people cannot go forward without this closure and she is going to get it.

In Summation

The hardest part about this episode was watching Rick look so happy. That is going to sting in two weeks. Rick and Michonne deciding to try to have a child is probably one of the happier moments of 2018. Richonne for life! I am not sure how all of those walkers ended up in that cabin, but it looks like one wild party. Is anyone else tired of all of these tomatoes! They really aren’t that tasty unless they are in a salad!  I don’t know if I agree with killing all of the Saviors, but I do agree that the man who held a knife to Carol deserves to be hung by his ankles and everyone should get a turn stabbing him. DO NOT TOUCH CAROL, YOU HEAR ME! The first rule about murder club, is we do not talk about murder club. Why do I have this feeling that trying to kill Negan is likely going to back fire?

Well, that episode was wild. With Rick only having two episodes left, I really do not know what to expect. Either way, this season is going hard, and it’s hard pretty fast. The next two episodes are bound to be pretty difficult, but don’t worry I will be here for you. Thank you for reading and I will talk to you all next week. Enjoy a preview of next week’s episode.

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