What The Walking Dead: Worth

Hey friends! Welcome back for another edition of What The Walking Dead! We are getting down to the end of the season and s*** is hitting the fan. Let’s break down this weeks episode of The Walking Dead, titled “Worth“.

The Fabulous

I loved this episode and for several reason! First of all, this was a very Negan-heavy episode and I appreciate that. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is one of the finest actors to be apart of this series and I love watching him, even when he is being super evil. It was interesting to watch Negan’s interactions with Simon and Dwight. I really had no idea what was going to happen but it played out in a very suspenseful way. I am sad that Simon ended up dying. Not because he was a nice guy but because he brought such a sinister humor to the show that I will miss. Simon made a pretty freaky looking Walker though I must say. My other favorite part of this weeks episode was watching Rosita yell at Eugene like the little bitch he is. I cannot stand Eugene so I really enjoyed watching Rosita yell and point a gun at him. Of course though, Eugene had to ruin it and make himself throw up on Rosita so that he can escape. My God, Eugene can’t even escape normally! Someone end him please! Things are starting to get chaotic and next weekend we will see the end of this war. I can’t even begin to think what might happen but I know it will be intense…

The Tragic

It is taking a lot out of me to not just write a whole paragraph about why I hate Eugene. Instead I am just going to hope that he gets what he deserves next Sunday during the finale. If Eugene made it back to his outpost unharmed, I am wondering why this whole scene was necessary. I am guessing just to explain his mindset but really,who cares? There was one minor detail I do feel like we missed. Though kind of morbid, I feel like we kind of earned a brief second of seeing Simon’s face as he died. Not because I have a sick desire of watching people getting choked out. I just feel like the scene felt sort of unfinished as the camera panned away from a major antagonist as he dies.

The Episode MVP

This week it was incredibly easy for me to chose. I am presenting Rosita Rosales with the Episode MVP award because anyone who takes time to yell at Eugene, deserves an award. Great job Rosita.

In Summation

Eugene is possibly one of the most annoying characters on television right now. Father Gabriel looks so sick, that even I feel like I need to take some NyQuil now… Aaron laying down in the woods near Oceanside is probably one of the more pathetic things I had to watch this episode besides Eugene. I find it concerning that I am always cheering on Negan. Simon might have died, but Steven Ogg will forever live on in my living room as a Grand Theft Auto V character! I kind of feel like this season has been leading up to the “Infinity War” episode of The Walking Dead… right in time for the new Avengers movie! In case anyone is wondering, Carol would a combination of  Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, and Thanos

Well that is it for this week. Next weekend, we will be witnessing the season finale. Scott Gimple has said countless times that this finale will wrap-up this war that has gone on for several seasons as we move into a new narrative for the show. Am I stressed about this? YES. I have really enjoyed this war and I will kind of be sad to see it end. However, all good things have to come to an end. I just hope I don’t see any of my favorite characters die. Do I need to list them out? Okay fine… Carol, Rick, Maggie, Michonne, Daryl, Rosita, Ezekiel, or the Trash Queen. Especially Carol, I swear! I also really don’t want to see Negan die… Negan’s death would be a huge loss to the show so I am kind of hoping it sticks around in some way? Who knows? Well, we will see next weekend. Until then, here is a preview of the series finale. Enjoy!

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