What the Walking Dead: Wrath

At last, the war between the Saviors and our heroes has come to an end. Welcome everyone to the season finale edition of What the Walking Dead.  Since late October, we have been building up to this final battle between these two sides and now it is finally over. I honestly can’t even believe it is over. It has all led to this moment, so let’s not waste any more time! Presenting the finale episode, Wrath.

The Fabulous

Wow! What a great season. I actually really loved this season. I felt as though every episode had a great amount of action and suspense. I never felt bored watching this season which is great. Ultimately I feel like this season just really tied this season up really well. Throughout this war, we developed connections with many of these characters from different parts of the land. I’m not just talking about Rick’s people, but Negan’s people as well! Whether you want to admit it or not, but we all kind of love Negan and are relieved to see he is not dead. Some cool Saviors are living another day. The Oceanside stepped up with some pretty fire and made me really proud. Jadis seems to be on her way to join Rick which I am SO HERE FOR. Carol is still alive which you all know is the most important thing. In ways, I feel relived knowing that this war has ended. Then again, this war really brought a incredible story into play. It was a terrifying story! We saw some amazing characters die, horrible deaths if you ask me. I hope that going into a new season we will be given a story that was as fun as this war. I am glad Maggie is stepping up to the plate in claiming leadership over the Hilltop. I just really don’t want to see a Walking Dead: Civil War season. Marvel tried it and it was super upsetting, so I really don’t need The Walking Dead doing it too! All in all, it was a great season. I am looking forward to seeing how these new relationships develop in the next season. I am already looking forward to the next season…

The Tragic

I know what you are all thinking, I should apologize to Eugene since he became a hero. NOPE. Eugene is still a traitor and I don’t believe he went into this situation with the need to betray Negan. I believe Eugene made this decision when he realized Negan was going to lose this fight and that is so slimy to me. So no,  I will not forgive Eugene. Plus he threw up on Rosita which was not at all necessary. Good grief! In terms of the actual episode, I feel like it felt a bit rushed. Honestly, this was the easiest battle our people have fought in this war and it was the finale episode. I was expecting some more theatrics but I guess Eugene’s trick was the treat. After enduring through this war for years now, I feel like the finale could have and should have been a bit more. I am glad Morgan is finally crossing over because it was taking way too long. However I am irritated that we got no real closure with Morgan and Rick? Did the show staff forget that Morgan has been on the show since episode one?

In Summation

If I have to hear one more Rick and Carl letter, I might go mad! Father Gabriel jumping out of the car was relevant because? I am so excited to see how this war wraps up, I’ve been waiting for two years now! Oh, it’s over already. That was kind of fast. Moana’s people showed up to the Hilltop with Molotov Cocktails and this is the Disney we need right now. This Infinity War trailed seemed oddly different and Okoye had hair? Nothing says punishment like a good throat slash. Even passed out on a bed, Negan is pretty awesome. Maggie I get you are mad and rightfully so. However, I do not want a Civil War story line to happen. If we did see a Civil War story line, would Rick be Iron Man or Captain America. Usually I would say Iron Man but perhaps Maggie has become the Iron Man due to her desire to kill The Winter Soldier AKA Negan. Wow I just made a nerdy cross-over and you liked it. Damn it, Eugene is still alive! How does this mullet not die? Morgan, I love you but I can’t anymore with your drama. You have to go. Jadis’s smile in her trash land was probably the best part about my weekend!

Well that is a wrap on Season 8! That all just flew by, didn’t it? I honestly have no idea what to expect from the next season but I know I will definitely be there to see what is up! I love all of these characters so I am hoping we get to see them work together in harmony. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Rick and Negan fight side by side? I would be so happy!  Over all this was an incredible season and a great story so I hope the cast and crew are all celebrating. Thank you all for sharing this experience with me this season. I could not have done this without your love and support! Well I am sure you are wondering, what are you going to do without me until the next season? Starting next week, I will be covering the new season of Westworld! I am so excited to start this journey and I hope you will all join me! Enjoy the preview below, and I will see you all next season.

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