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Friday meant it was time to power up that Paramount+ app and watch another episode of our new favorite season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars: All Winners. This season has already been such a joy that I’m sure most of you are like me and counting down the days until a new episode is ready to be streamed.

This week, the queens would be competing in a classic ball challenge. They’d have to bring three looks to the main stage for the “Realness of Fortune” Ball and I was all about it.

Before we could get into the episode, there was a blurb about how there would be a reference to the Red Square of Moscow and a reminder that this was filmed prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. More on that later.

Back in the workroom, we were reminded that Jinkx Monsoon won the main challenge and lip-sync, while Shea Coulee was blocked from getting a legendary legends star. She was doing a fun little bit to make people think there was something to getting blocked and Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor, who was blocked the week before, went along with it.

For the mini-challenge, RuPaul led the queens in their own version of Wheel of Fortune, in which Monet X. Change said z was a vowel. They were horrible at solving this puzzle but eventually, Jinkx solved it, it said Vanna White party, which revealed the main challenge. There would be three categories to this ball, Vanna White Realness, Before and After, and Realness of Fortune Eleganza- which would be homemade.

They spun a wheel that revealed their color for the challenge. Jinkx got lavender, Shea got white, Monet got emerald, Jaida Essence Hall got black, Raja landed on gold, Yvie Oddly won $500 and then $1,000, then lost it all when she landed on bankrupt. In the end, she got pink. The Vivienne won $1,000 and then $500, and got to keep it. Her color was blue. Trinity landed bankrupt immediately, only to get red, which was called “the Red Square of Moscow Russia” hence the little blurb at the beginning.

The queens began constructing their outfits and Monet revealed that she has not made an outfit since the sponge dress of Season 10 fame. Can you believe it? Most of the queens constructed outfits with ease, but Jinkx struggled. However, Trinity was there to help her out. This is RuPaul’s Best Friends Race. 

If you’re wondering, there was an alliance formed between Monet and Trinity to not block each other and they tried to reel Jinkx in, too. Jinkx couldn’t commit, but she said she would look out for the girls. They tried to get Shea to join too, but she was on to the idea that Monet could possibly be blocked next. They tried to get Jaida, too, but she was also not ready to seal the deal. Jaida didn’t want to get into a back corner drag gang, by the way.

It was time for the queens to hit the main stage in front of Ru, Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, and guest judge Kirby Howell-Baptise. Oh yeah, and Vanna White walked the runway and even did a voiceover like a contestant. It was cute. The best part was seeing the queens walk out and finding Vanna on the stage watching them stomp the runway. So good! 

The second category, before and after, was great. Jinkx did a look inspired by whatever happened to baby Jane Fonda, Monet channeled Bob The Drag Queen Elizabeth, while Yvie was Cardi Bea Arthur, just to name a few of the most ridiculous combos. They had to be assigned these categories, right? Or did they come up with this on their own? 

Overall, everyone looked great on the runway. Even Jinkx’s dress came out good in the end! I think Raja’s constructed look was my favorite followed by Jaida’s,  but everyone pulled it off in the end. 

The winners this week were Trinity and Jaida, though I believe Raja was robbed, they were both incredible this week. They each got legendary legend stars and faced off for a cash tip and the ability to block one of their fellow queens. The song was Green Light by Beyoncé. It was such a fun performance and I will never turn down watching Jaida perform. Jaida won! She chose to block Jinkx!

Next week, the queens will be doing an improv challenge! A smart week to block miss Jinkx!

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