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Drag Queens

Beyond the Face: Misty Violet



One night in WeHo I was came upon this vision in…well…is clown a color? In any event, she was one of the most strikingly beautiful queens I had ever seen. I came to find out her name was Misty Violet and that she has more fun, as well as personality, in one strand of her synthetic hair than most could have or see in a lifetime. I was very excited to sit and talk with her to find out about more about why she makes so many Misty.

SS: Misty, thanks for joining me today. Let me start off by asking just who the hell are you and how did you get into my house?

MV: Hiiii! I’m Misty Violet! DUH! WeHo’s dumbest queen! And I had no idea where I was… So thank you for informing me… I’ll let my parole officer know.

SS: My pleasure….just doing my civic duty.

MV: I drive a Corolla

SS: And the police drive Fords. Since the cops are most likely on their way, tell me, how did Misty Violet come to be?

MV: They always are….sigh … Well even though I’m now a rich white woman, I actually grew up a little Latino/ Irish boy in Tucson, went to a private Christian college to study theatre, and what’d ya know…I emerged as a cartoon porn star.

SS: Just like your clergy members wanted. What drew you to the bright lights of WeHo as opposed to anywhere else in the world?

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Beyond the Face: Misty Violet 17

MV: I’ve always known I was meant for SoCal. It always felt right. Started cross-dressing for auditions for film and TV (so day drag in Van Nuys and Santa Monica) and figured that couldn’t be right either. The first time Vicky Vox had me come out at night in WeHo, I was terrified…then again so was everyone that saw me.

SS: I feel that’s the typical response when Vicky holds someone while you mug them, but then again, that person shouldn’t have a been a whiney bitch about it. P.S. Sorry I whined so much that night.

MV: It was the look in your eyes that stole my heart

SS: Has your sense of Style evolved since that first night out and if so, how?

MV: Well considering I went out in a 99¢ store dress that night, nothing’s changed… But I didn’t pad, had no tits and thought I was the re-incarnation of Raja herself. No shade on Raja, she’s a supermodel, I was a twig in a dress! Now I want my boobs bigger, waist tinier, and an ass that charges bus fare to ride on.

photo copy 7

SS: I look forward to your Bravo reality show once you get all of that and a cocktail.

MV: Actually, can we discuss why I don’t have a cocktail?!?!?

SS: Allusia drank all my booze when she did her interview, but I think I might have some lighter fluid and vermouth. While I have no doubt you’re serious about that drink, I do wanna know how important is a sense of humor?

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Beyond the Face: Misty Violet 17

MV: Lord… I’ve always been a comedian. Actually when I was growing up I wanted to join the circus and be a clown. Now I wear lots of makeup wear funny shoes and a wig and although I’m not under a big top…well…you see where I’m going there. Ultimately I never forget I’M A DUDE IN A DRESS…I honestly can’t with queens who take themselves to seriously.

SS: That’s a fantastic attitude to have and I hope you can give that mentality out for the Holidays. While we are talking about people taking themselves to seriously, the recent crackdown by the Facebook Identity Police has created quite the conversation about performer identity, what do you think Facebook needs to know about why “real identity” isn’t so black and white?

MV: Ugh…these chodes. One thing clear, I’m very comfortable with BOTH identities. In fact so comfortable I’ve allowed them to both have two separate lives, I basically gave myself multiple personality disorder. But I make a strong point that when everything comes off, I’m me, the man, when she’s on, she’s on. So no, I won’t be changing my name to them combined because they are NOT combined. She allows me to express whatever the hell I want, and as the symbol of freedom of expression, it seems completely contradictory to be bullied into changing that name (ok that last part sounded really smart…only because that was insert boy name here talking).

….AWE MAN now I’m all heated…. I’ll take that lighter fluid now.

SS: I made it a triple for how well that was said.

MV: Thank JEBUS!

SS: You are all over it seems, with so much under your wig, what has been your favorite work experience so far?

MV: I came out here for film and TV, so I’m always so excited to be on set. Recently I’ve had the privilege to work on The Bridge, MTV Euro, COPS, but I really did love working with Demi Lovato for her Music Video “Really Don’t Care”. She was a doll and I had a blast.

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Beyond the Face: Misty Violet 17

Beyond the Face: Misty Violet 20

SS: I love hearing gay favorites like her are good people. How were the people at COPS?

MV: They somehow knew I had a thing for tazers and cuffs, so …GREAT!

SS: I love when it works out like that. With all those experiences, and tazer burns, what other goals are you still working to achieve?

MV: My G.E.D..

SS: That’s really admirable, Misty.

MV: NO! Please! Who needs smart people papers! I’d love to take a performance back to the UK. I lived there for half a second and I’m dying to go back.

SS: Are you planning to go full Madonna and come back to WeHo with a British accent?

MV: Yes… And I’ll be 117!

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Beyond the Face: Misty Violet 17

SS: Ok Misty…


MV: Lighting scares me!

SS: You ready for it?

MV: No! Let me get under the sheets!

SS: Misty…that’s not a sheet…that’s my liquor cabinet.

MV: I’m ready now though!!!

!!!LIGHTNING ROUND (take two)!!!

SS: Who is your gay icon?

MV: Neil Patrick Harris

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Beyond the Face: Misty Violet 17

SS: What is your favorite song from the 90’s?

MV: Come On Over (All I Want Is You) by Christina Aguilera

SS: What’s your favorite drink?

MV: Vodka diet

SS: What should people NOT do to you at a club?

MV: Ask me what my REAL NAME is, then when I say Misty, roll your eyes…YOU KNOW WHY?!

SS: Where is your favorite place?

MV: Disneyland…I’m a Disney Queer.

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Beyond the Face: Misty Violet 17

SS: What is your favorite piece of advice?

MV: You can’t lick your elbow…trust me I tried for hours…you can’t.

SS: Lastly…. believes in a STRICT moral code, the most important moral being shamelessly plugging what you have going on. Misty….what do you have going on that we should know about and just how shamelessly do you feel you can plug it?

MV: Mondays, I’m at the Abbey as a resident cast member of Lip Service. Tuesdays, I’m a rotating Co-host at Micky’s for TNT. Wednesdays, I’m at Here Lounge and a few times a month I’m at Hamburger Mary’s on Thursdays for Starlette Review plus one Saturday Every month I host Backwoods Barbie with Imagene Autry at Hamburger Mary’s…and of course every Sunday at Revolver I’m there all day for Puttin on the Titz hosted by me and Imagene, and after for Pop Ikon…. If you get confused, see my FB (while it lasts), like my FB fan page, my twitter, or Instagram. Also, check out my website,, coming soon! .

SS: Misty, I think I hear police sirens and I’m all outta lighter fluid, but I really appreciate all of your time today!

MV: That’s fine…I’ll walk. I’m taking your sheets though… case there’s lightning again.

SS: That’s still my liquor cabinet and not sheets.

MV: Bye!

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Beyond the Face: Misty Violet 17

Keep geek.


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Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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