The Boulet Brothers’ world is one that continually captivates me- whether it’s re-watching Dragula for the fifth time, a digital drag show or an Instagram show-and-tell, The Boulet Brothers’ have been one of the key comforts in my new lockdown life. Their digital drag show Theatre Macabre was completely bewitching- a masterpiece that entirely exceeded the boundaries of what I thought digital drag could achieve. 

I was ecstatic to hear the announcement of the new podcast, The Boulet Brothers’ Creatures of the Night, which premiered on May 8th, 2020. The podcast is brought to us by the legendary horror publication Fangoria and describes itself as a “horror variety show”.  

The podcast begins with a devastating journey through a calendar of The Boulet Brothers’ events and appearances that have been interrupted by Covid-19. Following a discussion focusing on the ways drag has adapted for quarantine, of course referencing Biqtch Puddin’s innovative Digital Drag shows, this first episode is structured around Pandemic-themed movies. Dracmorda, Swanthula and all-round assistant Ian each pick a Pandemic-related movie to discuss. Ian picks 2006 infertility pandemic film Children of Men, Swanthula’s choice is Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later (2002) and Dracmorda opts for Trey Edward ShultsIt Comes At Night (2017). You need not even be a fan of The Boulet Brothers or drag to enjoy this podcast- the discussion of horror movies is accessible, engaging and frank. They focus on the movies’ socio-political significance, symbolic imagery and the relevance of these films to the current pandemic. They also raise more pressing questions, such as: how did Selena maintain her ‘punk rock Street Fighter’ hairstyle in the post-apocalyptic world of 28 Days Later

It is a delight to hear a more relaxed, open Dracmorda and Swanthula Boulet than the judges we see on Dragula who, by necessity, maintain a colder and distanced approach. Their charm certainly shines through as Dragula hosts, but there is something particularly endearing about hearing their opinions stripped away from their dazzling and intimidating gothic glamour appearances. The addition of Ian also provides an interesting dynamic, with a third voice sparking debate and keeping conversation riveting. I have to admit a gleeful satisfaction as Ian and Swan get carried away in conversation, much to Drac’s despair as they creep into the allotted time for discussing the “more sophisticated” A24 film It Comes At Night.

This week sees Swanthula’s pick for the final segment, ‘Haunting of History’: They dicuss Poveglia, a haunted island in Italy, famous for washed up bodies of plague victims and, later for illegal torturous psychological experiments.

With the iconic Dita Von Teese lined up as the next guest, I have no choice but to subscribe…

Lockdown Listening: The Boulet Brothers' Creatures of the Night Podcast 1

About the Author: Anna Cash Davidson is a London-based social media manager, vintage seller and drag enthusiast. Recent English Literature graduate writing about her favourite topics.