It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for, Angel and Papi are finally tying the knot! After last week’s episode of Pose that featured Papi’s newfound child, it seemed like the chances of them getting married were slim. However, it happened. But first, some sad stuff.

The episode kicked off with Pray Tell at the doctors dealing with a viral infection linked to his AIDS diagnosis that was making him go blind. Apparently, this marks the beginning of the end for AIDS patients, but Pray had lived past his expiration date before. He wanted to continue living.

We bounce to a Pray and Blanca sharing a sweet moment. Pray gifted Blanca, the mother of the bride, a dress to wear to the wedding. It was his dream to launch his own fashion house and he designed the beautiful dress for Blanca. What Blanca didn’t know was Pray was losing his sight. She encouraged him to keep working towards his dreams and was shocked to hear why he was struggling to do so. He asked Blanca if she would help him finish his AIDS memorial quilt panel. He wanted to leave his legacy behind for people to remember him. This scene was so hard to watch.

After I dried my tears, it was time to watch Papi as a father. The father and son pair did some baking before Uncle Ricky came over to babysit. Ricky was staying with Blanca and so was Angel. After finding out Papi had a kid that she was expected to raise, she went back home. She wanted to call off the wedding but Ricky and Blanca talked some sense into her. It was here we learned that Angel was still in contact with her biological father who kicked her out for being trans. She was sending money home to him the whole time. While their relationship was a bit strained, he was very transphobic, she wanted him to walk her down the aisle. That seemed like it wasn’t going to happen.

Angel made her way back to the home she shared with Papi. She walked in on a heartfelt moment between Papi and his son. He was encouraging him to cry when he feels it, especially when dealing with mourning his mother. In turn, it made Angel cry. This was the first time Angel met Papi’s son. She apologized to Papi and the wedding was back on!

Papi and Angel’s reunion resulted in some anxiety. While the couple was happy and ready to get married, Angel began having nightmares about the city clerk denying them a wedding license because her passport says male rather than female. Lulu said it didn’t matter, they could have a commitment ceremony in the worst case. However, Elektra wasn’t having it. She needed to have a legal wedding and she would involve the mob if she had to. Blanca was not having the mob angle, so Angel was off to the clerk’s office without fake documents.

They did it. Papi worked his magic, charmed the clerk with talk of a honeymoon and showing photos of his son. The conversation was so good she didn’t notice the M on Angel’s passport. The paperwork was filed and good to go!

It was time for the wedding. Of course, it was over-the-top in true Elektra fashion. Both Papi and Angel had heartwarming moments with their wedding party. Blanca gifted Angel her mother’s cookbook for her something old, Elektra gave her a fur coat for her something new, and Lulu gave Angel her sobriety coin as her something borrowed. For her something blue, she was given Candy‘s hammer.

Pray officiated the wedding, Angel read moving vows, Papi started singing. What more could you want from a wedding? It did somehow turn into a musical number, though, which I could have done without but whatever. Angel and Papi are married and that is all that matters.The episode ended with Papi getting a car from Elektra and the new family honeymooning on the beach together.

Get your tissues ready for next week’s series finale. I’m not ready, y’all!

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