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Let’s settle in for an action-packed, demolition-centered, and and above all, pink episode of Trixie Motel!. We begin the important task of recruiting a lifeguard to look after guests whilst sunning around the pool. In order to get trials started we naturally need a volunteer to help, and we have none other than legend and icon Mr. Leslie Jordan. Rounds of intense auditing are held with Leslie having the horrible task of having to be saved by the last round of applicants. David arrives to tell us lifeguards aren’t needed, and the signposts will keep the guests safe, nevertheless, it was a great way to start the episode.

This leads us to the sixth theme and it’s Malibu baby, of course, everything ties back into Trixie’s wheel hub of success, named after the track Malibu, off her third album Barbara (available on iTunes) The room idea is to have two doubles ready for girls’ trips and best friends. This I love, how many times have we all struggled to find a room that saves cost and also allows us all to have fun with a themed slumber party.  

But first we need to step up the marketing for the project and we meet the talented recording machine that is Ashley Levey (Ash Gordon) who is here to help Trixie record her new single to promote the motel. Ashley has worked on many records and has collaborated with other drag queen royalty. (Also stay tuned for my review of Ashley’s upcoming album, coming soon to!)

Room six demolitions begin, sledgehammers at the ready, and carpets are torn… . yet a slight snag arrives when the foundations of the room are discovered as rotted and gutted, to fix will cost a cool $2,000! With just 9 days to the room reveal the concrete has to be set and sealed before anything continues… will they finish in time?

Surfs up and we get to learn more about Malibu and the inspirations behind the room. so naturally we go on a trip and hang out with musician, star, and icon Belinda Carlisle. The girls take to the beach and get a surf lesson, Trixie she’s still decked out in full drag with sky high hair… the things this queen does!

The moment we have been waiting for and the pool is officially done, it’s blue and beautiful. Dani even has custom-made pool signs and they are perfect and gorgeous. Of course, this now highlights how ugly and unfinished the porch is. We’re ditching the wooden porch and going resort, and fun fact the pool floor couldn’t be painted pink, the city disapproved it due to health and safety regulations, who knew?

I said it was action-packed and whist we wait for the floor to be sorted in room six we go to the last room which is the honeymoon suite naturally titled… the ‘Oh Honey’ suite. Big ideas are drawn up for the ultimate honeymoon get away with the idea for a double shower to be installed, again another hit to the wallet set to cost a cool $30,000! 

My favorite moment of the episode and the room reveal is here and it’s beach heaven. The floor is a cool crystal blue, the beams are saturated in candy aesthetic paint. Whilst the idea of two beds couldn’t be done due to our good friend’s health and safety it allows the space to be open and airy. The whole renovations process I’ve really enjoyed and I want Dani to come and decorate everything in my life, the wallpaper is another thing I absolutely love (shock)

If like me you are loving the aesthetics of the Trixie Motel, bookings are now open for 2023, there are still some slots for upcoming months which you can book here.

Tune in to Discovery Plus every Friday and follow @Trixiemotel for updates.

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