Last week’s episode of Vanjie: 24 Hours of Love was a juicy one. First, Vanjie‘s mom came in and eliminated a guy all on her own. Then, an astrologer came in and told Vanjie who was and was not a good match with her. The episode ended on a cliffhanger with Gottmik and Violet Chachki entering the mansion to weigh in on the contestants and their outfits.

I think this show needs to keep Violet and Gottmik in the house for the rest of the series. They were hilariously grilling the guys and I loved seeing them have fun with it. However, almost immediately after the queens finished their moment with the guys, it was time to eliminate someone else. Gottmik and Violet got to help make the decision, and they chose to send Anthony packing.

With a little over 12 hours left on the clock, the guys and the queens started drinking and partying. The drinking quickly turned into a pool party. While the other guys were having fun, Jack was pleading to Violet that he was the perfect match for Vanjie, both when it comes to astrology and compatibility. Violet wasn’t completely buying it, and neither was the rest of the guys once he started gossiping in the hot tub. While the guys were gossiping in the hot tub, Gottmik was on the counter while Violet was throwing cherries into her mouth. All in a day’s work, right?

After the cherry incident, Violet and Mik gave the guys the RuPaul treatment, making them say who they would eliminate next. Jack quickly turned on Brandon, who was drunk upstairs sleeping. So, everyone went upstairs to try to wake him up, but he was already sneaking down the stairs to try to save himself. It was too late, though, Vanjie sent him home. Violet even told him to kick rocks, which was fun. Then Mik said she was going to kick him with her designer heel when he wouldn’t leave. See why they need to stick around?

The episode wrapped up there with under 10 hours left in the competition! Who will be sent home next?

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